10 Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity and Happiness

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Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity and Happiness - Motivational and Inspiring Quotes by Mohinder Paul Verma for WittyWinks

It is mostly seen that certain people are simply gifted with the knack for creativity. It gives us a feeling that we are not one of those lucky few who has the ability of extraordinary creativity, this does not mean that you are not worthy. Do you know that like your muscles, creatives is something that can be cultivated and developed with a little practice, hard work and consistent follow-up of your daily routine?

You should also remember that creativity is not a passive process. It involves the activity of your body, mind, and soul along with the involvement of your surrounding. If you simply sit back and waiting for inspiration to find you, then you are insulting your time and luck. Because your luck needs your active participation to build it strong.

Always remember that you have to focus on the things or ways to boost your own creativity. Try to find out the things that motivate you and help you to focus your attention and mental energy on the task.

10 Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity and Happiness

Check out some of these fascinating and often unusual tricks that might help spark your creativity.

  1. Go for a walk to boost your energy, creativity, and happiness
    • It is your choice, whether you go for a morning walk or spend some time for the evening walk but you must go for a walk to boost your energy level. Walking gives you energy for the rest of the day. If you walk in the morning, it helps you to avoid the sentence “I will do it later”. It creates a positive mindset for your other important task to complete on time. It also created “can do” attitude. Walking also helps in reducing the overweight.
    • Morning walk is good for your heart because it circulates required level of oxygen in your lungs also pumps your blood and purifies it. Morning walk also has social benefits. It gives you time to plan for your day. There are several other benefits to go for a walk.
  2. Meditate to strengthen your decision making, creativity, and happiness
    • Meditation is the best way to strengthen your decision making without investing any money but time. Because time is everything and the best natural healer for our wounds. And if you are using your few minutes for meditation, it will strengthen your decision making, boost your willpower. Other benefits of meditation are as follows:
      1. It updates the ability of your brain
      2. It increases the ability to focus
      3. It helps you to keep your mind calm
      4. It helps you to develop intuition power
      5. It helps you to take better decisions over time
  3. Surround yourself with Inspirational things or people to boost your creativity and happiness
    • People and things have a huge impact on your life. Some people act like parasites, they suck your happiness, demoralize you, demoralize you. Surround yourself with people with positive vibes to become better. Also, there should be positive vibes, inspirational things around you every time, so that you feel positive about everything. Inspirational things also play a vital role in improving your mental ability by giving your positive vibes all the time. You must surround yourself with the following things to change the way you think or do your tasks.
      1. Good people – family or friends
      2. Inspirational things – an image of your past
      3. Motivational quotes – an image or text
  4. Be a daydreamer to change your mindset and to boost your creativity and happiness
    • If you can not dream, you can not achieve. A study shows that people who daydream, are more intelligent than others because their mental capacity is more to dream and collect huge information of future. There are several benefits to becoming a daydreamer.
      1. Daydreaming increases the capacity of the brain
      2. Daydreaming increases the ability to switch between different mental thoughts
      3. Daydreaming helps you to choose something mentally before it actually happens
      4. Daydreaming make your mental nerves stronger by exercising of thinking or dreaming
  5. Reward yourself to encourage yourself to boost your creativity and happiness
    • It is time to reward yourself to encourage yourself to do more good things. A study has shown that rewarding can be beneficial for increasing the productivity of each individual. So if you are trying to accomplish anything, promise yourself some type of desirable treat as a reward for coming up with a creative solution. It will boost your willpower and confidence to do more better by encouraging you to keep the spirit alive until the completion of the task. A reward can be anything like:
      1. A favorite movie ticket
      2. A favorite chocolate
      3. A long drive to your favorite destination etc.
  6. Create some psychological distance to boost your creativity and happiness
    • Sometimes we have a hard time letting go off. Sometimes we feel stuck on a particular problem or feel angry, then it is better to distance yourself psychologically from the current situation you are struggling. It will surely help you to solve the problem or give you time to re-conceptualize the current circumstances. There is four-ways for creating distance psychological.
      1. Creating distance by picturing a change
      2. Creating distance by picturing a wider gap
      3. Creating distance by picturing a change in time
      4. Creating distance by imagining something different
  7. Create restrictions by implementing boundaries to boost your creativity and happiness
    • This is the best and proved method or psychological trick to boost your creativity. Once you create restrictions by implementing boundaries around your social circle, relation or work, you feel free to take decisions independently. There are several benefits of creating restriction by implementing boundaries. Have a look at that:
      1. You feel stress-free
      2. You feel free to take the decision
      3. You are the boss of your decision
      4. You can implement your own knowledge
  8. Re-evaluate the problem to find its solution, it will boost your creativity and happiness
    • Re-evaluating the problem to find its solution is the half success. In other words, when you reevaluate the problem, you find different ways to solve the issue.
    • Re-evaluating the problem encourages you to fight with the current circumstances by thinking its other side.
    • Re-evaluating the problem helps you to understand the situation by analyzing its causes and the ways to solve the problem.
  9. Stop comparing yourself with others to boost your creativity and happiness
  10. Take care of your body, mind, and soul

I hope this bite-size information about 10 Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Creativity and Happiness is worth to read. Keep practicing this one by one to master the concept I have tried to explain in my writing.

If you find this helpful, do share with your loved one to make them successful, fearless and full of joy always.

Thanks for reading.


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