8 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

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Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

We all should learn to use our time wisely to improve the living standard of ourselves and then others if we really love our lives. You must do the things differently to be extraordinary among the crowd. Also, we should observe and learn from others who have discovered how to love themselves and their lives.

8 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

Today, I am going to write this post about love and about learning how to live your life in a more meaningful, beautiful and joyous way by learning from those who have discovered how to live their lives better, happier, meaningful and helping others.

1. People who love their lives appreciate the negative and positive feedback of others

They are free from the chains of bondage in which most of us live intentionally or unintentionally. They live life the way they want to live their lives and not the way people around them expects them to live. They live their lives on their own conditions. They break their rules or rules created by other humans to live their lives on their own.

2. People who love their lives, ready to say “NO” when it is their “me-time”

People who love their lives usually don’t afraid while saying “no” when it is their “me-time“, while most people are afraid to choose temporary discomfort after saying no, but these people have no problem with it. These people are smart enough to choose this temporary discomfort and say no when it is their me time. They don’t afraid of saying no over and over again and face the discomfort. Do you know why? Because they first calculate the result of saying no and then calculate the effect of temporary discomfort. People who love their lives are so choosy to pick happiness or discomfort.

3. People who love their lives, try to be alone than in bad company

People who love their lives know and understand the letting go is part of life. When it is the need of time, they let go and move on. They understand the criticality of accompanying with a bad company and the relief better than being alone.

4. People who love their lives aren’t afraid to get lost

People who love their lives aren’t really afraid to get lost in the journey they are traveling. They understand that life is a process grow and change and they also know that when growth comes, life changes and when change comes to a sense of being lost also be there.

They know it very well that if you don’t get lost after the change, your risk never being found and your hidden potential would not be found. They try to embrace the change and love to take the risk, sometimes calculated risk and sometime non-calculated risks because all are parts of their journey of change.

5. People who love their lives don’t let them be attached with things

They know that life is short and everything in life is given to you for a short period – to learn, enjoy, to appreciate and to love – but never to keep as an attachment forever. They also know that things, people, and experiences all come and go because nothing is permanent. they just enjoy the present moment without the regret of past and worries of future.

6. People who love their lives keep their childlike spirit alive

Life is to change and grow but they know that the secret to living a healthy, happy and successful life is to keep their childlike spirit alive. They play, they dance, they sing and they go through life as if was all just a play like in their real childhood. They don’t bother what other will say about them. They feel free as a child. They take nothing seriously, seeing life as nothing but a game. Also, they know and understand their other social responsibilities too.

7. People who love their lives know they have a purpose in life to fulfill

They know that they are on the earth because they have a purpose in life to fulfill. They live their lives on purpose

They create love and spread wherever they go. They always have a smile on their face and love in their hearts, they help others in need. Creating so much value and making the world a more beautiful and loving place with their presence.

8. People who love their lives trust their intuition

They follow their heart and they listen to their intuition, always doing the things that their heart is asking them to do. They know that the heart is a lot wiser than the mind. They see their heart as their most trusted and most reliable adviser and they always follow her advice.

And these are the top8 things people who love their lives do differently.

It doesn’t take much time to learn to love yourself and your life.

So let’s spend more time in learning, loving and enjoying our lives and less time to blame, criticizing and complaining others.

Let’s focus on the beauty of life, true love and growth, and kindness too for others whether living or non-living things.

By doing so we will attract more of all these things into our lives. Then we will see the better world and more love will surround all of us.

So what do you think? Are you ready for the challenge of change? Do you think you can put more of your energy onto the things that make you feel good and less onto those who don’t?

You can share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below

Good luck… 😉


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