5 Lies Parents Tell A Lot but Never Notice

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5 Lies Parents Tell A Lot but Never Notice - WittyWinks

This seems to be an impossible thing but I can prove that. Sometimes parents lie to their kids every day about something and they just don’t realize that they are telling lie to their kids. I know, you may tell your child not to lie, but continually saying these lies, no matter how small teaches them to lie as well. They will think it is ok to lie because parents lie.

What everyday Lies Tell unconsciously to their kids?

Today I am going to discuss some examples of lies that parents often tell their kids, along with better solutions to protect their kids. in my views, these are examples to help you brainstorm your own solutions to the little lies you may be telling to your child on a daily basis.

5 Lies Parents Tell A Lot but Never Notice

I understand that sometimes we lie because we want to protect our kids and the reason behind that we love them so much that we don’t want them to get hurt. However, I came to realize that lying actually does no good to our kids, it will only back-fire and turn our kids into liars. That’s obviously not what we want so we need to stop doing that and be true to both ourselves and our kids.

  1. God is watching you: Don’t threaten to your kids that God is watching and will punish them if they will not obey them. But instead of doing that, take away something your kids love so they know their behavior has immediate consequences. If they are fighting with their friends and you want the fighting to stop so you say God is watching and eventually they will find out you are a big fat liar on this one. Have a realistic punishment for taking away their goods for a few hours or giving them a timeout period.
  1. Don’t do too many promises: Sometimes, parents keep several promises and when it is time to make all true and due to some urgent work at the office or anywhere else, they can not complete their promises, then there would directly an impression of lie will be knocked to their kids. So keep a promise if you are really going to fulfill them.
  1. I will take you to the circus: Perhaps you would go but if you are not certain they don’t ever make promises like this. This will hurt your kids and they will learn how to manipulate their saying. And finally, your kids will learn how to tell lie.
  1. We don’t have enough money to spend: If your child is spending money on useless things or eatables then don’t ever say that “We don’t have enough money to spend”, instead, there is a way to explain it to your child on their level. Tell them you all want to live a happy life and will go on vacation so we have to save some money for that. Remember; always help them understand that sometimes to do require something. It involves sacrifice. You are not only teaching them the valuable life lesson but also you are not making yourself a liar in front of your kids.
  1. I will always be there for you: Practically this is impossible for parents to be there always for their kids. So, don’t ever tell your kids that you will always be there for them. Instead, tell them that you will try to be there whenever there will be a genuine need for that.

Always be honest to your kids and don’t lie to them in any circumstances because it will damage the ability of your kids to trust you in the future. Do you know that little trust leads to bigger trust and this is 100%.

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