5 Time Management Tips every busy parent needs to know

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5 Time Management Tips every busy parent needs to know - WittyWinks

I have two small children (a six-year-old girl and two years old boy). I am a professional blog writer, website designer, and active participant in online activities. Do you know “how do I do it all?” or “how do I get everything done?”

This is because of my scheduled activities and yet I am not stressed or overworked or overburdened. But still, I get a great deal done. Now the question is “How?”. It is simple for me to answer, because of my time management skills. And since long I am practicing these time management skills.

Do you know that I have not acquired these skills overnight? Like others, it also took time for me to master in these time management skills and the awareness of my time management that led to a more organized, practical, and easy way of managing anything at any time whether it is your household or any other project you are dealing.

Today, I want to share my time management skill tips with you all parents so you can optimize your time to its fullest and in return spend more quality time with your family or friends in the long run.

5 Time Management Tips every busy parent needs to know - WittyWinks
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5 Time Management Tips every busy parent needs to know

First of all, you must ask these questions to yourself before indulging in any routine of business.

  • What is the most important to you in life?
  • What is your priority?

1.First Prioritize Your Importance

You need to decide what is most important in your life. Also, differentiate public and private routines. Always prioritize what you value most in life. First, you need to determine that what is important to you and your family.

It becomes easier for you to say “no” to others when you have clearly prioritized your values. If you give first priority to your family then all other will come at the second level. Remember that if you are saying “yes” to every opportunity or task that comes your way then you will become burdened and overworked.

2. Don’t Think Too Much about Your Kids

As you may be seen that your kids ever try to involve in almost every activity you are doing throughout the day. And you permit them to get involved by thinking that your child should know about how to perform that task. If you really value your family and want to develop a strong family relation or bond with your children, let them choose what is right or wrong about the situation. You just need to guide and suggest the consequences of the matter they are involving in. You just don’t think too much about your kids. Let them grow by learning at their own level. But don’t forget to guide or supervise your kids.

We all want out kids to be successful, but do you know how to develop bonds and a connection with the immediate family that lasts for the lifetime? I too spend more time with my children so that I can help and teach them to be decent human beings. I give this the first priority among other scheduled tasks. Like other parents, I too want my kids to go out into the world to spread their good, decent, caring personality they become. This will definitely make a positive impact on the world.

I ever take care to prevent over-scheduling or overburdened my kids so that we can spend quality time together as a family. Only this way I can teach them right from wrong, good from bad, and the life lessons that are most important to the society we live in. If you really want to make your impact on your values in your child, then you must spend quality time with them. It takes practice and most importantly spending quality time invested in a child to make a positive impact on their overall life.

3. Perfection is required but doesn’t Force it

I have seen strict schedule implemented by some of the parents for their kids to grow. But they don’t know that they are over stressing, overburdened their kids. They won’t grow but will sing with the time. Let them grow on their own. Let them judge good or bad. Unless or until they will not have any practical experience, they will not become the perfect you want to make them.

I know, perfection is good but not on the value of the lives of their kids. There are too many parents who try to put too much pressure on their kids and themselves to live up to a certain standard. Yes, again it’s good to have standards, but if perfect is your goal then you need to let it go. Don’t force it on your kids to be perfect. Sometimes getting the job done just good enough is all that is needed. Most of the time you are the only person that will notice the difference anyway.

4. Maintain your daily Routines

If you are following your routine then you know then you know about the time management skills perfectly. Do you know that routines are the backbone of your scheduled tasks and your skills of time management? If you have a daily routine or schedule that you follow regularly and consistently, you will find that your household runs perfectly, more smoothly and efficiently. If you create a routine for your household then always try to stick with. This will help you and your family to manage time expectations that are required for the healthy bond in the family.

5. Work as though everything is Urgent

I have already written that live your life to its fullest. This is my one of the best method that I get things done in my home. I complete tasks slowly than others but try to make it perfect as my father does. He picks any task and stops only when it is completed. He worked all his life and still doing as this is the last day of the earth.

Before doing any task, first I learn how to fix or do that. Once I learn, I set out to get that done. I usually set a time limit for myself not for the task to be done. And this way I use my time management skills to complete the scheduled task.


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