What is the motivation and its importance in human life

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6 important factors of motivation and how to find motivation
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What is the motivation?

“Motivation is the process of encouraging one-self to perform better to accomplish the goal.” – WittyWinks

Motivation is the process of encouraging one-self to perform better to accomplish the goal. - WittyWinks

In other words, motivation requires a push or pull for the task you are going to start or accomplish any goal. It can be either internally or externally.

The term ‘motivation’ has been derived from the word ‘motive’. The motive may be defined as an inner state of our mind that activates and directs our behavior. Our motivation makes us move to act for doing something. Motivation is our willingness to do an effort towards the accomplishment of a goal.

“Motivation is not only a word but it consists needs, desires, wants that encourage us to do something better than others.” – WittyWinks

What is the importance of Motivation?

Motivation is very important for individual, groups or organization. Because it is only motivation that can lead you towards success by accomplishing your goal in the stipulated time frame.

You will feel motivated if you are a positive thinker. If you have a positive attitude, no one can demoralize you and you will accomplish what you are going to do. Motivation is as important as breathing for life.

“Motivation is required to take challenges and face the result of your efforts.” – WittyWinks

Motivation is required to take challenges and face the result of your efforts. - WittyWinks

6 important factors of motivation

There are several important factors engaged with motivation. Read these and implement in your day to day life to succeed. Here are 6 important factors of motivation.

1. Motivation makes you ready for action

  • Every task requires physical or human resources to accomplish the goals. Every goal can be achieved if you are motivated. That is why motivation is necessary while working or achieving any goal. That is why motivation makes you ready for action.

2. Motivation improves the level of efficiency

  • Yes! this is very much true that the level of efficiency can be improved if you are motivated for starting any task or completing the ongoing task. Efficiency also expands the level of performance that can be shown by using the least amount of input to achieve the highest amount of output.

3. Motivation leads to the achievement of your goals

  • If you are motivated, it will lead you to achieve your goals by completing the task on any time frame because motivation is defined as the driving force behind all the actions of an individual.

4. Motivation helps in self-development

  • Self-development depends on the motivated mind and a motivated mind can do anything to achieve the task. Motivation pushes oneself to achieve their goal, feel fulfilled and improve their overall quality of life by motivating them each passing moment. Motivation helps in self-development.

5. Motivation can build a friendly relationship

  • If you are motivated, you will take any challenge or accept what others don’t feel easy. A motivated personality always builds a friendly relationship with anyone who is in or out of their circle. Always try to stay motivated and for this change your thinking process to positive thinking and see the change.

6. Motivation promotes stability of work

  • There is nothing certain in life. Anything can happen anytime. No one can predict 100% accurately. One can give just estimate the consequences but not 100% sure. But if you are motivated, you will feel the stability of your work. Because a motivated mind can work in all the situations; good or bad. So, we can say that motivation promotes stability of work.

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