What Is Negative Thinking and How to Control Your Negative Thoughts to Succeed in Life

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Motivational Quotes about Negative Thinking
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What Is Negative Thinking and How to Control Your Negative Thoughts to Succeed in Life

Negative thinking is a thought process. Basically, your thoughts are the root cause of your success and failure because a positive thought would always encourage you to take or accept challenges whereas a negative thought would discourage you from accepting challenges. Here we will discuss only negative thinking and its worst impact on your overall performance.

People with a negative thought tend to find the worst in everything and most probably reduce their expectations by considering the worst possible scenarios. This approach may lead disappointment in some situations. A negative thinking is responsible for tremendous stress, worry, or sadness. On the other hand, the positive thinking will handle all situations with the positive attitude and face the result in both cases, good or bad.

“Don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts. If you do, you will come to believe them.” – Catherine Pulsifer

Motivational Quotes about Negative Thinking
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What is the main cause of negative thinking?

You won’t believe but this is proved by science that a cold or a cough, stress, sleep deprivation, even allergies can make you depressed, which leads to negative thoughts. These are the basic root responsible for your negative thoughts.

Do you know that in many situations, depression can be caused by negative thinking? These negative causes are usually used to reinforce negative thinking.

To fight with negative thinking, it is important to find and understand it. Once you identify the root causes of negative thinking, spend the time to analyze and understand these causes responsible for generating negative thoughts take help from your family or medically trained guide to find the way to remove these imbalanced thought process.

Here are 4 main reasons to become negative thinker:-

  1. Having a company with negative thoughts
  2. Fear of Failure without even attempting the task
  3. Worried about your future
  4. Some past mistakes that affect your present

If you are a negative thinker or your thought process is negative, then worry not. Because, there are several ways to change your thought process by changing your attitude, by changing your daily habits, by changing your company etc.

“Avoid each and everything which causes you to think negative.” – WittyWinks

Motivational Quotes about Negative Thinking
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How do you control negative thoughts?

There are several ways to control the negative thoughts or negative thinking because negative thinking is a habit of mind and sometimes your body language also be the reason for your negative thinking.

Usually, a negative thinker absorbs thoughts of others and the mind converts those thoughts to negative thoughts without even knowing that the thoughts are worst and damaging the real strength of the thinker and pushing him to the opposite direction of his target.

You can control your negative thoughts by positive thinking or by reading motivational thoughts. Here are simple steps to control your negative thought process or thinking.

7 simple steps to control your negative thinking or thought process

Read these 7 simple steps if you really want to control your negative thinking. You must refine your thought process to stay ahead in all the fields of life. Have a close look at these steps.

1. Write a journal of your negative thoughts 
  • Writing a journal about your negative thoughts is a good practice to find the reasons responsible for your negative thinking. If you have written then you can try to eliminate those reasons one by one to make your thinking positive that will encourage you to take challenges without the fear of failure.
2. Start meditation to keep your mind focused
  • Meditation is the best way to keep your mind under your control. If you will practice mindful meditation, your mind will start to obey your instructions and will not indulge in negative thinking and your thought process will be positive and encouraging. Let’s give meditation a try and see the change in your thought process.
3. Analyze your free time and use it properly
  • People who often spend their most of the free time alone are seen that they are generating negative thoughts and become a negative thinker over time. Spending some time alone is good to analyze your do’s and don’ts but spending too much time alone may lead to negative thinking that will discourage you to take challenges. So, it is advisable to analyze your free time and use it properly.
4. Practice daily gratitude habit
  • It is a good habit if you believe in gratitude. If not try to practice daily gratitude habit and see the change in your thoughts.  You should praise and gratitude each small good things which happened in your day to day life. It will change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts.
5. Help others in need to feel internal bliss
  • Sharing is caring and if you are helping others in need, nothing is better than this task to feel internal bliss. And if you are satisfied internally, your thought process will definitely positive. It will remain positive in every situation.
6. Take a walk for self-analysis and identify your negative and positive thoughts
  • You should take some free time from your busy schedule to take a walk either in the morning or in the evening or whenever you feel comfortable with. It will boost your thinking process by identifying your negative and positive thoughts. Once you identify your thoughts, you can now choose the way to remove your negative thoughts and to develop your positive thinking process. But remember your walk should be for self-analysis and not for judgment of others or what others are thinking about you. This is not your job to analyze others thoughts.
7. Spend some quality time with your family and share your ongoing thoughts with them
  • Family is the best healer for any problem. If you feel that your thought process needs to be changed from negative to positive, spend some quality time with your family, discuss your problem and the causes of the problem. This will make you feel light, tension free and fresh. Your family members can help you to change your thought process. Obey what they suggest you. Make yourself comfortable by sharing your thoughts with your family and feel the change after changing your thought process.

I am not writing further on these 7 steps to control your negative thinking or negative thought process because all are well explained itself in these steps.

I hope this bite-sized information to control your negative thinking or negative thought process is worth to read. If you understand each step, I bet you will succeed in your life.

Please give your feedback on the concept of negative thinking and the steps to change your thought process.

Thanks for reading this… 😉

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