8 Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Your Stress Levels

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8 Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Your Stress Levels - WittyWinks
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1. Do you know that many Americans report stress due to the life style they are living?

2. Do you know that Stress is the main reason for degrading the health of your immune system, and also can affect your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, brain activity, your sugar levels, and also can impact your hormones?

3. Do you also know that it is possible to manage your stress level by actively participating in some activities with exercise, staying positive, connecting with others like minded people with positive vibes, engaging in hobbies, and spending time in nature for optimal and strees free health

What is stress?

Stress is a physical, mental or psychological activity which causes negative or positive pressure or vibes. This could be harmful to the person if impacted by negative vibes.

What is stress and Smart Tips for Managing Your Daily Stress - WittyWinks
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How to control stress?

There are several methods to control your stress or at least control the level of stress.

How to control stress to live a stress free live - WittyWinks
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8 Expert Stress-Busting Tips

1. Indulge in Physical Activity – The first step to staying away from stress is to get yourself busy in any physical activity you like the most. Further, you can opt out for any of the below activities to keep you busy when you are feeling stressed.

5 Method to live Stress Free

  • Exercise – Exercises play a vital role in keeping you busy from mental level to physical level. It also boosts your anti-stress hormones to fight stress.
  • Body Massage – When you feel that you are stressed, prepare yourself for whole body massage or at least your head to get massaged by anyone available either in your home or in the market. 
  • Healthy Diet – Change your diet schedule and intake to live stress-free. Avoid oily dishes especially at night and more fast food because they cause stress by hampering your metabolism.
  • Change sleep Schedule – If you are not sleeping properly or your sleeping schedule is not maintained, it may help in increasing your minor stress to its abnormal height.
  • Drink more water – Try to hydrate your body with the optimum water level. If you are not drinking excess water then there would be toxins bad for your overall health and it may also cause stress.

2. Relax Your Mind – If you really want to stay away from stress then your mind should feel relaxed. However you are working throughout the day but when your mind is restless, it may also cause you stress.

What should you do to relax your mind?

There are further levels for reducing your stress level. Try one by one and you will feel energetic throughout the day or even all the time on daily basis.

Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Your Stress
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8 Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Your Stress Levels

  • Stop Multitasking – First of all, stop multitasking. This is the first step to relax your mind. Always focus on one task. If you do so, you will feel happy to complete your task with perfection. But if you indulge in more than one task or multitasking while performing any task, then it will feel you stressed.
  • Listen to Music You Love – Whenever you feel burden or heaviness while working, immediately stop working and try to find free space to listen to music you love. This will distract your mind from stress and you will feel better.
  • Read Interesting Articles – Keep your mind healthy by reading interesting articles. You can find on the internet and choose what is good to read. Remember, do not read topics with danger, scary or emotional because it will let you assume that the story is happening or will happen to you. So you will again feel stress. Read good articles of your choice that put a smile on your face.
  • Think Positive – Always think positive by removing negativity. This will boost your overall mental health and will keep you fresh throughout the day. Always find like-minded circles where good work is appreciated or encouraged with positive vibes.
  • Practice Deep Breathing – Deep breathing is a good way to be relaxed even when it is worst situation. You will not lose the control of your mind. And will take the good decision. When you take good decisions then you will feel pretty good because your mind is relaxed. This all will happen with the technique of deep breathing.
  • Start Meditation – Make meditation a part of your daily routine. The whole body will feel relaxed and it will boost your inner and outer immune system.
  • Laugh Loudly – This will help in fetching the good amount of oxygen. There are 10 Health Benefits of Laughing out Loud.
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3. Well Balanced Diet – Being overweight can cause stress for some people, but it is not the reason why eating well is important in reducing stress. There’s a better option out there! Endorphins are chemicals that trigger positive feelings. You do not necessarily release fewer endorphins if you have a poor diet. If you eat a well-balanced diet, you will be able to better deal with the physical and emotional side effects of stress.

How to practice mindfulness to live stress free
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4. Practice Mindfulness – You should use both your mind and your body to practice mindfulness. Focusing on breathing in and out while relaxing your muscles to practice mindfulness. You can practice being mindful by clearing your mind of any negative or stressful thoughts and practicing living in the present moment.

5. Identify the Cause of Stress – First, you need to identify the cause of stress or reason behind the stress. If you find that then there is time to handle it by staying cool minded. Now you can share your stress reason with the one who believes will help or suggest you. Secondly, you can write down your stress reason and seek the help of elders. And I am sure if you follow these steps, you will feel free and stress-free. Because sharing is caring.

6. Manage Your Time – Sometimes, your mismanagement of time is also a cause of your stress because you can not complete your task in the given time. So, manage your time properly to hurry at the last moment. It will cause you the stress of not completing the task. You can start using scheduler while working and there are lots of apps you can find online. Use the calendar for longer duration tasks and stop multitasking.

7. List Some Solutions and Come Up With a Plan First of all, you need to list some solutions for the reason of stressing you. This all will be done with a plan. Without any plan, there will not be any solution for the stress-free life.

8. Limit Your ExpectationsMost of the time the reason behind your stressful life or day is yours over expectations. So, limit your expectations to live stress-free life.

These are just 8 Tips To Help Manage And Reduce Your Stress Levels. If you have other tips, do share with us and WittyWinks will surely post those in our next update about stress management.


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