Break your Procrastination Habits Easily in 6 Steps

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Almost every individual procrastinates in anyway. Some procrastinate for fun and some procrastinate intentionally to complete multiple tasks. But sooner or later your habit of procrastinating will begin to hamper your job performance, your behavior, your confidence. Also, it will affect your mood too. Your state of mind may be generating worries, fear, or stress.

6 Steps to Break Your Procrastination Habit

  1. Put your goal in writing. Write down your goal and the task you’ve been putting off. Writing down brings the project to the front of your mind. And this way you can’t easily ignore it.
  2. Control your feelings by knowing these by name. Procrastination is an emotional reaction and changes in your feelings. The three core reasons responsible for procrastination are fear, anger or sadness. Find the reason for your fear which is causing procrastination and stopping your to move forward. Also, find the reason for your anger, again it is not helping you to get rid of procrastination. Your sadness is the main reason for your procrastination. It will lead you towards failure.
  3. Change your thinking habit from destructive to constructive. If you are thinking that you can’t do this task. This is destructive thinking. You have to change this to constructive by thinking that “if others can do so I can”.
  4. Don’t hold your emotions internally. Let them flow and go with the flow. You will keep procrastinating until you don’t release your emotions. If you have anger emotion in your mind or heart, share with others you trust. Don’t let your anger be the reason for pro
  5. Always prepare your mind for obstacles you may face while working towards any task. Don’t feel stressed because of there always a way to handle those obstacles. Try to take help from others you trust by sharing your obstacles coming towards your goal.
  6. Learn to praise each step you put towards your goal because either it will lead you towards success or give you a valuable lesson of life to succeed.

Lately I’ve been procrastinating more than normal, and of course, it doesn’t feel great. The truth behind this feeling is, though, that there are a number of good reasons for my procrastination. But I ever used some antidotes to procrastination.

That’s why, I want to write about few antidotes to procrastination in this post so that we can all find a path to doing the meaningful work we want to do, a path to offering our gift fully to the world.

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What are Antidotes to stop procrastination?

Self-Care Antidote – Nothing is more important than self-care. If you are caring yourself then you are not procrastinating your tasks. The first thing to ask yourself, if you’re procrastinating, is: “Am I tired? Do I need to take care of myself?”

When this is the case, the answer is to get some rest. It is time for self-care.

  1. Take a nap or sleep in
  2. Disconnect from the task, and read a paper book
  3. Go for a slow walk, not for exercise but to get a mental breather
  4. Meditate or do some yoga

Once you’re refreshed, you can find mindful focus again.

Commitment Antidote: Make a (Small) Commitment – The main reason for procrastination is the lack of commitment. The best method to stop procrastination is to make a small commitment and don’t go beyond your limit. just try to fulfill your commitment.

If there is commitment either to yourself or to someone else you love, there would be fewer chances of procrastination that I believe. Because your commitment is to someone you respect and love.

Best Antidote to stop Procrastination: The Zeigarnik Effect

In psychology, the Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. In Gestalt psychology, the Zeigarnik effect has been used to demonstrate the general presence of Gestalt phenomena: not just appearing as perceptual effects, but also present in cognition. Wikipedia

How to use Zeigarnik Effect to stop procrastination?

Sometimes you think that every success road leads to procrastination. But let me tell you that this is not completely true. And I think you’ve never heard of the Zeigarnik Effect.

If you really interested in learning how to use Zeiigarnik Effect to stop procrastination, you must click here to read it from the post written by David Mann a San Francisco-based writer because we don’t want to plagiarize the content and the copyrights of the author.

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