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Did you know - WittyWinks

Like humans, animals have good memory power. They do not forget what happened with them. Even they can recognize faces, colors and pattern etc.

Sea Lion WittyWinks

Sea Lion

Sea Lions never forget and Rio, a California sea lion, is a proof of that. She mastered a test a decade earlier. In this experiment, Rio quickly matches two patterns to earn a fish reward remembering the method she learned years before. She remembered a complicated trick for ten years without ever practicing.

Chimpanzee WittyWinks


Chimpanzees have photographic memory. The have short term or working memory. This amazing working memory likely helps the them navigate the branches of huge trees to feed, for example, or decide what to do in complicated situations.

Crow WittyWinks


Crows remember your face. Research shows how just a single crow’s bad experience with a particular human can spread information about this individual throughout entire crow communities.

Octopus WittyWinks


The Octopus Can turbocharge its memory. Octopus is unique because its short-term memory is directly attached to its long-term memory. This means that in times of high stress, the short term memory can be substantially enhanced by the long term memory center.

Elephant WittyWinks


Elephants never forget a face. They also apparently recognize and can keep track of the locations of as many as 30 companions at a time. And Matriarch elephants, in particular, hold a store of social knowledge that their families can scarcely do without.


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