Dig the grave and release the soul

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Dig the grave and release the soul - WittyWinks

The phrase “Dig the grave and release the soul“, has a very deep meaning. Earlier, people lived in the society with a true bond with each other. They try to help each other whenever or whatever the could do for each other. However at that time there were not so many resources available or you can say that they did not know how to use resources properly but still they tried their best to help each other.

At that time everyone was helping each other whether they were from their own family or from the society they lived in. People were living with their pure soul.

Now, when everything is developed and still more in the pipeline to development and all the resources are available but one thing is lost from the society and that is their pure soul.  People now a day are behaving with each other like strangers and helping others with greed. Life becomes only give and take. One can take only if he/she can give something in return.

Situation is more pathetic that one can imagine. Because people have buried their souls in the grave of selfishness, greed and lie in every field of life. Now life of human becomes a walkie-talkie and at a time only one can talk and other has to listen. This scenario created gaps between the bond of two or among whole family and then society.

If you really want to live life as described above in the beginning of the post, just do only one thing to live happily and stress free. You have to do just one thing:-

Dig the grave and release the soul with purity.


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