Dig the grave and release the soul

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Dig the grave and release the soul from all hatred - WittyWinks

Earlier, people lived in the society with a true bond with each other. They tried to help each other with whatever they had. However at that time there were not so many resources available or you can say that they did not know how to use resources properly but still they tried their best to help each other. Their bond were out of love. They didn’t have much resources, they weren’t formally educated but they had empathy and sympathy.

What happened now with the soul?

Then a change came and technology entered in our life. We become literate and we invented new gadgets to make maximum out of our life. In this race of earning success people lost relations and the few they have are based on instrumental rationality.

Now, when everything is developed and still more is in the pipeline and people have everything but one thing is missing and that is their pure soul. Relations have becomes a business where everyone is involved in the game of give and take. People have buried their souls in the grave of selfishness and greed in every field of life. This scenario has created a gap among people. If anything they have for others is grudges.

If you really want to live happily and stress-free then just do one thing;

“Dig the grave and release the soul from all hatred.”

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