Some facts about Malik Kafur

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Some facts about Malik Kafur

Jim Sarbh as Malik Kafur in Padmaavat has earned applaud for his performance. In the film, he is presented as a gift to Allaudin Khilji by his father-in-law and we see the ultimate purpose of his life was to make Allaudin Khilji happy. In the movie he’s proved an aide to Ranveer Singh to make Khilji’s character more appealing. Though Malik Kafur is presented as a minor character and through that presentation we can’t know his complete personality. So these are some facts about Malik Kafur to help you know him more.

Some facts about Malik Kafur:-

  1. Malik Kafur was a eunuch slave of great physical beauty.
  2. He was purchased by his original master for 1,000 dinars. This earned him the epithet hazar-dinari.
  3. He was a wise counsellor and military commander. It is said that Alauddin favoured Kafur because his advice had always proved appropriate and fit for the occasion.
  4. It’s also said that he was castrated so that he never becomes a man
  5. Some historians also believe that in his desire for power Kafur started giving slow poison to Khilji.
  6. After Alauddin’s death, he tried to usurp the power by appointing Alauddin’s son Shihabuddin Omar as a child puppet monarch.
  7. But the former bodyguards of Alauddin disapproved this act of Kafur and decided to kill Kafur and succeeded in it.
  8. His mausoleum existed in the 14th century and it was repaired by Sultan Firuz Shah Tughlaq . Now the location of his grave is unknown.



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