15 French phrases to survive in France

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15 French phrases to survive in France - WittyWinks

It’s hard to survive in France without knowing French. And if you are planning to visit France you have to memorize some phrases that might come handy when talking with a French native-speaker. These are some common French phrases that will make your stay in France bit easy.

Common phrases in French

1. J’attends mes amis.
I am waiting for my friends

2. Je ne comprends pas
I don’t understand

3. Je ne sais pas
I don’t know

4. Je serai à
I will be at

5. Je suis arrivé
I have arrived (m)

6. Je suis désolé
I am sorry (m)

7. Je suis perdu
I’m lost (m)

8. Peux-tu m’aider?
Can you help me (informal)?

9. Parlez-vous anglais?
Do you speak English? (formal)

10. Où sont les toilettes?
Where is the bathroom?

11. S’il vous plaît.

12. Merci beaucoup
Thank you so much.

13. Excusez-moi
Excuse me.

14. C’est bien !
That’s good.

15. C’est Combian ?
What’s the price?

Now zip up your fanny pack, get out your tourist map and memorize these phrases for surviving in France.

Bon Voyage.


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