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How to make better decisions consistently?

How to make better decisions consistently? This seems difficult but it can be achieved by proper planning, farsightedness, and collaboration. If you are working along then too you can make better decisions consistently by keeping yourself calm, by adopting a positive attitude and make a listening habit.

How to make better decisions consistently?

According to some sources, the average person makes up to 35,000 conscious decisions a day. A food research paper says we make 200 decisions a day just about food. Regardless of whether you make 200 or 35,000 decisions a day – the potential amount is staggering.

However, not all decisions are equal. Most are probably pretty minor – “should I go to the washroom now, or 5 minutes later?” Some are bigger – “should I call a meeting about this issue?” Some seem minor at the time but have far-reaching consequences later.

The problem is, each decision that we make expends our mental energy. Our brains need to process and evaluate before a decision can be made. When you are accumulating hundreds or even thousands of decisions a day, no matter how small – it adds up.

This means that most of the time, you probably cannot guarantee that you are at an optimal mental energy state when the time to make bigger or more important decisions come up. If you’re too drained at the time, you may not even recognize when a certain decision is important or not.

We call this decision fatigue, and it’s a major yet hidden factor that influences every result you experience.

How can you reduce decision fatigue to consistently make the best decisions?

To reduce decision fatigue to consistently make the best decisions, one way is to cut down on the decisions that you need to make each day. Some decisions are really not that important, but take up valuable mental energy. For example, do you wonder why Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same thing? It’s because they are cutting out options to consciously preserve their decision making energy.

Of course, I’m not saying you should wear the same outfit every day (it’s just an example). But think of areas in your life that you can do this. How about breakfast? Can you plan in advance and cut down your options to one or two choices for a week?

Or you can build useful habits that take out extra decision making necessity – for example, setting up a fixed morning routine. There’s a reason why the most successful people adopt these!

Cutting down on decision fatigue is also a great way to sharpen your focus.

I hope this little bit of knowledge can help you make some instant improvements to your daily life. I would really love to hear your feedback – and suggestions, comments, requests, or even sharing how these effects your everyday experiences are most welcome.

Have a great day.


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