How to be fluent in any language?

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How to be fluent in any language

How to be fluent in any language?

How to be fluent in any language? This question strikes all persons who are seeking new opportunities and want to grab their better future. Fluency in a foreign language is a major accomplishment as it opens the way to increase your opportunities for employment and travel. But some people only get command of writing skills and find it hard to speak in that language as they don’t know how to be fluent in their target language. If you are one of them then this article is for you.

Start with Listening: Just take your memory back to your childhood days and think how you learned certain names and colors? That was all by learning. Your parents told you those names, you heard and memorized. It was a regular process at the moment you forget your parents were there to tell you. This is the way we all learn our mother tongue and this is the way that will help you to learn your target language.

Give stress on pronunciation: If you look into the science of memory, you’ll discover that it’s much harder to remember the words which you can’t pronounce well. So give an ear to the audios of your target language and start practicing the pronunciation.

Memorise: As I’ve written above correct pronunciation will help you to memorize the words of your target language so the next thing you need to work on is memories. All you need to do is make some chits of the words you want to memorize and stick them on your study table. You can also use pictures and flashcards. More you’ll come across to words more you’ll store them in your memory.

No translation: Translation is a hindrance to this language learning process. The moment you cut your mother tongue completely out of your language studies is the moment you begin to think in your target language. Start doing it from the very first day.

Imitate: Start imitating your tutor or online conversations with the native speakers. As imitation is a form of social learning that leads to the development of particular characteristics.

Happy Learning.

How to be fluent in any language?

If you have any other better way to be fluent in any language, do share with us and we will definitely post on WittyWinks.

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