How to Break Free from the Cycle of Procrastination

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Today I’m going to share a smartcut, and teach you how to break free from the cycle of procrastination. Do you know how much of your life you’re losing to procrastination? How about 3 hours a day? Imagine what you’ll miss over a lifetime.

In my career, I’ve personally witnessed the tremendous impact that procrastination has. It’s caused me to recognize how it’s a key differentiator of success. It’s so important, it’s one of the reasons I started WittyWinks and became focused on productivity.

Are you ready to begin How to Break Free from the Cycle of Procrastination?

First, understand procrastination and why we do it

Procrastination is strongly linked to our emotions. It’s part of our inherent self protection response to avoid things that may harm us. Unfortunately, this leads us to develop habits when our feelings are negative. We look for ways to distract ourselves. Usually, this involves giving into instant pleasures such as: social media and online presence. Nowadays it’s even easier to fall into this trap because of the convenience of modern society.

There are five distinct “procrastinator personalities”. Understanding which one you are is the first key to breaking free.

  1. The last moment thinker
  2. The one who knows everything
  3. The one who avoids struggle to prevent mistakes
  4. The day dreamer who compare real life with dreams
  5. The one who always feel busyness without prioritize tasks

How to manage your procrastination instead of head-butting it?

The second key to overcoming procrastination is to change your approach. Fighting it head on is possible, yes, but is it the best way? At the end of the day, procrastination is a psychological/emotional reaction. Our perception of challenge or difficulty is what really creates resistance and stops us from taking actions.

How can you do this?

Break big things up into smaller, digestible elements. The smaller the tasks, the easier you will find them to manage. Reduce the perception of difficulty. For example, try breaking down a task into elements that will only take you 45 minutes or less to complete.

Using these techniques, you can master your psychological perceptions to help you instead of hinder you.

Try to Master a new mindset on taking action

Now, I want you to have a breakthrough. Breaking free of procrastination requires changing your mindset about your goals. Have you ever tried giving your dreams a deadline?

How would something as simple as a deadline help?

Without deadlines, you can’t really see your priorities clearly. If you had two hours to live or two years to live – what’s suddenly important to you? I’m sure your real priorities would instantly become crystal clear. In the same way, giving yourself a deadline forces you make hard decisions about where you’ll invest your time.

Setting a good deadline is an art. But it sets those who live their dreams apart from those who just dream them.

Just following these three simple steps can set you free from procrastination. But to stay free, you’ve got to keep at it and be consistent.

Here’s a quote that’s helped me to stay determined and focused:

“If you want to be certain, you should never get married. You should never change jobs. In fact, you might as well just stay home. Because I don’t know anybody who is certain. That need to be certain is just Procrastination”
-Mark Burnett

How to Break Free from the Cycle of Procrastination - WittyWinks

Feel free to download it, make it your wallpaper, or share it with someone to keep motivated and determined.


Getting more things done means nothing when nothing great is done.

I hope today’s bite-sized knowledge has helped you to make some positive changes! I would love to hear your feedback – if you want more like this or if you’d like me to share other topics, please send them to me.

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