The fastest way to build and sustain high energy levels everyday

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The fastest way to build and sustain high energy levels everyday - WittyWinks
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How to build and sustain high energy levels everyday - WittyWinks
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A lot of readers have been asking lately about how to maintain your energy levels each day. Like a lot of you, I also work pretty crazy hours so I know this topic well.

There are lots of quick fixes and techniques to help boost your energy when you’re feeling drained but most of them are not sustainable. They’re also not healthy in the long run!

If I had to name one of the most effective ways to build up sustainable daily energy levels, I would have to say it’s my morning and evening routine. Some people may have a morning or an evening routine, but to be truly successful you need both.

Why? Because they fulfill different but complementary functions.

“Your morning routine gives you the energy to kickstart and last through your day while your evening routine helps you to rest and refresh your mind and body effectively.”

— WittyWinks

It’s a cycle, and if you can develop and tune this routine over time – you’ll see immense changes in your energy and motivation.

And when I say morning or evening routine I don’t mean your regular morning habits of brushing your teeth, grabbing a coffee, and heading out the door! What I mean is:

  1. A deliberate set of actions that you go through each morning or evening with an objective in mind.
  2. A mindset of continuously evaluating and improving each action in your routine to make them more effective.

Without these 2 key factors – you’ve really got nothing to build on.

There is no such thing as a “best” routine for everyone. You’ve got to adapt and continuously develop your own. But the most important step is to get started.

5 Steps To Maintain A High Energy Level

Here are steps to build and sustain the energy level:

  1. Always be kind to yourself
  2. Don’t follow the blame game
  3. Always Help others in need
  4. Don’t live someone else life
  5. Find your passion and live for that

I hope this bite-sized knowledge give you the kickstart you need to build up positive and sustainable habits in your life.

There’s a lot more where these are coming from, so I would really love to hear your feedback – if you want more like this or if you’d like me to share other topics, please send your feedback to me.



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