How to arm yourself with the ability to focus?

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Ability to Focus, Stay Hydrated, Sleep well, Schedule your tasks, Break your Goals in chunks
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I’ve been really enjoying all the moment while reading other posts and writing my own posts, and I want to talk about one of the recurring themes that keeps getting brought up. That is the ability to focus.

Can you guess or give an answer to one simple question? What’s one of the biggest limiting factors keeping your potential locked up?

I hope you guessed. Ok, let me tell you about the biggest limiting factor responsible for your potential locked up. It’s your ability to focus.

What is the main reason which distracts your ability to focus?

The main reason is already written in the question above. Yes, the reason is the distraction which damages your ability to focus. Imagine you are a genius, but you’re only awake for 3 hours a day. How much could you actually achieve? Being plagued by distractions essentially lowers you down to this state. A recent study from the University of California calculated that it took people an average of 25 minutes to get back to work after an interruption. How many interruptions do you encounter each day?

At the end of the day, it comes down to some simple principles:

  • If you can’t focus, you can’t get things done
  • If you can’t get things done, you’ll have no input towards your goals
  • If you have no input towards your goals, you’ll have no output!
  • And if there is no output, there would be No results.

Here’s another perspective on it:

  • The longer you take to get things done, the slower your progress would be
  • The slower your progress, the less momentum you’ll have
  • And your slow progress will be responsible for the more opportunities for obstacles to come along.

This perspective generally leads down to the same familiar path:

  1. loss of motivation
  2. lethargy
  3. wanting to give up.

At this stage, will you be leaning completely on your willpower to push on?

You see, procrastination is not the root problem… it’s just one of the more prominent symptoms. And it’s no wonder that we all face this issue! Life shouldn’t work like that.

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The focus is a basic building block towards any success.

But the ability to stay focused is not a one-size-fits-all, one-trick-pony solution. You’ve got to have a system that empowers you.

I think of it as an arms race. It’s a battle against the Forces of Distraction, a medically justified term.

How to arm yourself with the ability to focus?

For years, Distractions have been upgrading themselves. They’re becoming more and more sophisticated and numerous. We’re essentially outnumbered.

So it’s time to begin arming yourself! We’ve neglected our defences against distraction for too long. Our defences are outdated and blunted. You’ve got to equip yourself with the right tools and support to be back in step with their level.

“The ability to focus helps you on how to focus, think clearly, solve problems, make decisions, and remember things properly.” – WittyWinks

Staying on any task is becoming harder than being focused. It is most important that you stay on the focused task until it is finished.

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How to increase the ability to focus?

There are several reasons behind your low productivity and the first one is your weak ability to focus. You can increase your ability to focus by following some basic steps below:-

12 basic steps to increase the ability to focus

  1. First of all, stop procrastinating
  2. Always work by de-cluttering your space
  3. Always stay hydrated during the day while working
  4. List down your distraction for taking action against
  5. Try to block the reasons for distraction while working
  6. Reward yourself for each task accomplished
  7. Always start with the small goal to achieve
  8. Always schedule your breaks while working on any task
  9. Make your habit to meditate or workout
  10. Always take healthy sleep to charge your mind and body
  11. Always eat healthy to stay fit to work longer
  12. Always stay in the present moments and enjoy it 

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If this was helpful, I would love to hear your feedback. Any suggestions, comments, requests, or even sharing how these effects your everyday experiences are most welcome.

Good luck!


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