How to express your love to your parents?

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How to express your love to your parents?

We all search for how to express your love to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband but this time it’s for parents. They have sacrificed their lives, their happiness and their comfort for their children and grandchildren also. Now it’s our turn to give them love. These are some of the genuine ways to express your love and concern to them.

1. Join in on a hobby: Activities are much more enjoyable when done with your loved ones and who could be more loving for parents than their children! So spare some time out of your schedule and join your parents in some activity or hobby which they like.

2. Help them in their activities: Your parents don’t need your money but they need your time and love. So offer to do repairs, making food, buying things from the market, taking them to doctor and to religious places sometimes.

3. Gift them a blank diary to be filled by them: Their life experiences can be of great help for you. So ask them about their experiences. You can gift them a blank diary to be filled by them with their life experiences. It would be a lifetime treasure for you and for your coming generations too.

4. Sharing is caring: Make an effort to include your parents in what’s happening with you. This could be by sharing essays or projects you did at college, how’s life going on, who are your friends, what to want to be, everything that’s is happening around you share it with your parents because sharing is a way to show that you are caring for them.

5. Decorate one of your backyard trees with love you and thank you notes: This would be a unique gift idea for your parents. Write few ‘thank you notes for the things they have done for you and a few ‘love you’ notes and fix them on the branch and leaves of your backyard tree. Stop assuming that your parents already know you love them. Yes, they already know but still, they yearn for your love expressed by your words and actions.Tell your parents you love them whenever you can.

P.s: If you can’t do anything to make them happy stop hurting them.

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