How to fight laziness to take control of your life

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Quotes on Laziness by WittyWinks

Before we discuss the methods to fight laziness, we should know what is laziness and what are its negative impacts on the human life. However, laziness also impacts animals and birds but here I am going to discuss its impact on the human being. Here we’ll discuss how to fight laziness to take control of your life. But before that, you must understand what laziness is.

I know you are not a robot but you are a living creature, not non-living things. Taking rest should be the part of your daily routine but if you are behaving just like any non-living things and procrastinating your task often, then I must say that you are a lazy person.

What is the Definition of laziness?

Everyone has their own definition of laziness. This is due to their own experience or observance of lazy people and the consequences of being lazy.

“Laziness is another form of procrastinating on the assigned task.-WittyWinks

Quotes on Laziness by WittyWinks

According to Jules Renard, “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired”. So start changing your habit of laziness to succeed or to achieve what you want to achieve in your life.

How to fight laziness to take control of your life?

Sometimes, we all feel the need to stay idle and do nothing. But when your laziness becomes a “chronic issue” and it prevents you from doing your daily routine or an important task or achieving your goals, then that called laziness and it has to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong being a little lazy because sometimes it is the demand of that time to stay spend sometime idle, especially after a stressful or busy day at work or home.  There is a very thin line between the willingness of being idle for a while and serious laziness.

“Laziness gives you pleasure in the present moment but you have to pay for it in your future.” -WittyWinks

Quotes on Laziness by WittyWinks

5 Steps to fight with the Laziness to take control of your life

There are several ways to fight the laziness but here we’ll discuss only top 5 steps if you really want to fight with the laziness to take control of your life back.

  1. Break your goal into smaller tasks
    • The main reason for our laziness is that we want to achieve the bigger task in the small time frame. We feel panic by looking at this giant thing, and we don’t know where to start or when to start to finish the task.
    • Change the way to achieve your bigger goals in a single attempt and instead of looking it as a big target, try to break your goal into smaller tasks. Just stick to this smaller goal.
    • And with time, you’ll reach your bigger or main goal. The benefit of breaking the bigger goal into smaller goals is that you won’t get scared by that giant task. You will only have to deal with the smaller goals one by one to complete it in the stipulated time frame, which makes it more easier for us to handle.
  2. Always think positive to achieve your goal
    • Positive thinking is the backbone to finish any task and it boosts your self-confidence to perform better so that you can accomplish your task on time with perfection. Positive thinking is the other name of visualizing success before it actually happens.
  3. Remember the consequences of the unfinished task
    • Every action has its equal reaction so always remember the consequences of the unfinished task. The more you evaluate the cons and prons, the more efforts you will put to achieve your goal.
  4. Always visualize your success
    • This is now proved that what you will assume, you will face that in reality. This is not a joke, it is absolutely true. Develop a habit to visualize your success and what will you do once succeeded. Assume or visualize the time of your success. Visualizing is the other side of positive thinking. The more you think positive, the more you will get positive results. Actually, you generate positive vibes and your mind catches these vibes and instructs your willpower to function accordingly. So, always visualize your success.
  5. Set the deadline for each goal
    • Setting the deadline for each goal is best and it encourages you to take decisions wisely. It will also help you to make necessary changes to the ongoing goal. There are several benefits of setting the deadline for each goal. We will discuss top 5 benefits here.

“Your systematic process with clearly defined goals and their outcome is called Effective Decision Making.” WittyWinks

Effective Decision Making Process
Image Credit: WittyWinks.Com

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I hope this bite-sized information about “How to fight laziness to take control of your life”, is worth to read. If you have learned something for the betterment of your life, please do share with your friends and family.

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