How to fight winters with food?

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How to fight with winters with food - WittyWinks

In Chilly winter weather our body needs more than just woolen clothes, blankets and heaters. We need to change our food with the changing weather because if we’re strong from inside we’ll we healthy from outside. There are lot more things available in market that can strengthen our immune system but nothing could replace those time tested “dadimaa’s nuskhe”. Here are few of them to fight this winter season.

Food to fight winter

Pinni : Pinni is a type of Punjabi and North Indian cuisine dish. It is made from desi ghee, wheat flour, jaggery and nuts.

Three types of pinni are popular there, wheat flour pinni, the other is made from split and skinned black lentil ( urad daal) and the third one is flax seed pinni.

Turmeric : Whenever you get hurt the first thing after the treatment that your mother gives you is ‘haldi wala doodh’ , yes turmeric milk because turmeric has anti-bacterial properties.

Turmeric also boosts our immune system. So a measured dosage of turmeric powder added in a glass of milk can make your winters go smoothly.

Jaggery: Remember those days when your grandfather used to have a piece of jaggery after every meal? On surface level it gives sweet flavour to your tongue but it plays hidden role as well. It is one of the best digestives and It also helps to dilate blood vessels and produces warmth in the body.

So it’s necessary to indulge in high calorie and protein rich foods that drive away the chill and provide energy and warmth to the body. It’s time to devour these foods and ditch winter.

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