How to get your boyfriend to love you more?

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A few days ago there was a post by Wittywinks titled “How to get your girlfriend to love you more“. Though it was highly liked by boys but our pretty girls got angry on this as no secret to win the love has been told to them yet. So, girls, this is for you;

What not to do?

  1. No blame game: While conversing be careful not to indulge in any kind of blame game. Before making any judgments ask their point of view.
  2. A big no to preaching: Girls are very sensitive and caring. And whenever they find their loved ones in a difficult situation they start preaching. Remember boys always try to find the impression of their mothers in their girlfriend but they never want their girlfriends to be their mothers. So never preach them. Give your advice only when it is asked.
  3. Stop being Passive: Your passive behavior can kill a relationship in no time. Usually, people stop talking to their partner when they are hurt or upset. And that silence kills the relation. Instead tell them clearly that you are not feeling fine enough to talk about something and you’ll surely talk about it after some time.
  4. Don’t be a barrier: Accept your boyfriend along with his family and friends. Make sure that your boyfriend gets time for himself. Some space is necessary to let a relation breathe. So stop being a barrier instead be a bridge and let him connect with himself.

What to do?

1. Communication and Discussions: Conversation is the basis of all relations. Asking meaningful questions can enrich the conversations the two of you have and it encourages us to share our feelings and thoughts. Boys don’t speak their hearts out so you have to invest your time to know what your partner wants.

2. Make time for each other: Remember when you first started dating, how every date was something new? There were excitement, passion, and love. You used to ditch some of your work to meet your boyfriend. Start it again and make time for him. Surprise him by planning some lunch or dinner date.

3. Talk about everything: Start sharing embarrassing thoughts, needs, and feelings you have with each other. Because if you are not sharing such things with each other you are hiding your true self from them and this could spoil your relation.

4. Start apologizing: We all have read many times that it’s important to win a relation than to win an argument. But how many times have we worked on it? There is no right or wrong with feelings and perspectives. So there’s no need to embarrass him or prove him wrong. It’s better to say sorry than to transform an argument into a battle.

These are some of the tips that we can offer you. And some ideas like gifting him or cooking some food for him or sending beautiful messages to him you already know. If you want to know some unique gift ideas for him then you can read my article
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