How to Let Go and Be Happy Always – 7 Tips for Immediate Happiness

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How to Let Go and Be Happy Always – 7 Tips for Immediate Happiness

Do you chase happiness or always in search of things that can make you happy? Of course, you do! Am I asking the silly question? Let’s rephrase it.

Do you unconsciously hold on to things that make you unhappy? That hit the mark, right?

I know we are all guilty to hold on to one or the other thing that steals our happiness, knowingly or unknowingly. Happiness is mysterious, and all of us are constantly in the search for happiness. Chasing happiness won’t make you happy.

Here are some things that you need to let go of if you wish to make your life easier and happier.

Stop expecting praise from others to let go and be happy always

“Praising others is the multiplier of happiness but expecting it from others is the subtraction of happiness.” –WittyWinks

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Sorry if I am straightforward and you think that I break it to you, but always remember that nobody has time to shower you with praise every time, and you should not expect it.

Do you know why?

Because you are not a kid anymore that you would get a star or a very good on the top of your assignment.

If you expect that people should inflate your ego with their praises, then I am sure that you will surely be disappointed.

Who has the time?

And why would anyone try to make you feel happy?

You have to do that for yourself. First, you have to love yourself enough to know that even if you aren’t praised, your happiness would not be affected.

This is the first and proved way to let go and be happy always.

The comparison is the thief of your happiness to let go and be happy always

The comparison is the greatest thief of your happiness. Do you know why? Because you take a hit at your self-esteem by choosing to make yourself feel inferior.

When you compare yourself with someone else, you forget to compare the huge difference of time, money, circumstances between you and the one you are comparing yourself with.

See where you are going wrong with this?

You simply let others measure of your worth. Whereas you have your purpose in life, talents, opportunities, successes, and contributions.

In other words, you waste your time if you think about someone else’s life and compare it with yours.

“The comparison is the hammer to break your happiness.” –WittyWinks

Motivational and Inspiring quotes by Mohinder Paul Verma for WittyWinks

Happiness is a choice – choose it wisely to let go and be happy always

Yes, happiness is a choice and you are the creator of your happiness. It should not depend on others but on you. You have the power to create happiness for you and also for others.

The best part is that no one can steal happiness from you if you don’t let others. Happiness is a choice so choose it wisely. For this, you should decide that no one has the right to steal it or interfere in your happiness.

Sometimes, there are few circumstances or people that do affect our happiness. But eventually, it all comes down to you. Decide yourself as you are the creator of your happiness. You can also read my another post on happiness i.e. 7 ways to maximize your happiness.

No expectation, not the disappointment to let go and be happy always

The higher your expectations, the lower your happiness is. To avoid disappointment, lower your expectations of others. I am not saying that you should not expect from yourself. Because expecting from yourself will encourage you to do something better to achieve your goals. But expecting from others will ruin your happiness if you don’t get what you expected from the person.

“Expectations are the basic cause of disappointments.” –WittyWinks

Motivationa and Inspiring quotes by Mohinder Paul Verma for WittyWinks

Face the fear to let go and be happy always to enjoy the success

Is fear stopping you from taking the next step towards happiness?

Is your fear more powerful than your desire for happiness?

You will not try new things if you have the fear of failure. Always believe in yourself. Focus on your goals and remember that you can do what others can not do. Remember that everything in life is temporary. You just need to accept challenges by overcoming your fear.

Don’t give your valuable time, attention, or energy to fear, instead of fight with your fear. You can do one thing to face the fear, you can ask your family and friends to encourage you to face fear. Don’t sit quite; shout at your fear to make it your slave. Once you make is your slave, it will disappear and you will succeed. And once you succeed, you will feel an internal bliss.

“Fear is nothing but an illusion.” –WittyWinks

Motivationa and Inspiring quotes by Mohinder Paul Verma for WittyWinks

Change your negative thought process to positive thinking

Do you know that what you focus on you attract? Your negative thought process is also called negative thinking is another cause of disappointment or thief of your happiness.

If you focus on worry, fear, and negative thinking, you indirectly allow the mind to focus on things you don’t want. This is, in other words, called the Mind Power. You can eliminate your negative thinking by changing your negative thought process to positive thinking.

Always train your mind to think about what you want in life, and avoid thinking about what you don’t want. Negative thinking drains your energy. Let me ask you one question; Do you really understand happiness?

Your past is where it should be – in the past! Let go and be happy always

Always live in the present moment to enjoy your life to its fullest. If you remain in your past, it will not let you grow. I know, this is the most difficult thing to let go of, right?

Past is heavy baggage to carry always in your presence; it will not let you grow, it will not let you smile genuinely. You are constantly wondering what went wrong or how you could have prevented it from happening. But guess what? You couldn’t! You couldn’t stop it from happening, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it in your now i.e. in your present moment because it is already gone and happened in the past.

So, why drag yourself through all that pain and mess? Let it go. It’s a new day to take new challenges, to face your fear and overcome your doubts.

If you want to be happy forever, then you have to stop carrying around your past.

“Past is like a statue – you can repaint it but can not build.” –WittyWinks

Motivationa and Inspiring quotes by Mohinder Paul Verma for WittyWinks

I hope these 7 tips to let go and be happy are worth to read. Take your own time to read and understand these tips to keep yourself motivated and happy.

If you think that my effort to write this inspiring post has fulfilled my aim to make others understand the real meaning of happiness and how to be happy, then please share it with your friends and family to make them happy always.

Thanks for reading this.

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