How to remove Negative energy?

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How to remove negative energy - WittyWinks

How to remove negative energy?

Negative energy can prove very harmful as  it can demean your value, destroy your confidence, derail your dreams, diminish your imagination and dampen your abilities. Regularly removing negative energy from your space can restore balance and harmony. These are some simple methods to remove negative energy from your home and office.
How to remove negative energy by cleaning - WittyWinks
1. Cleaning: Every time you clean, you are automatically removing negative energy. This is why cleaning your home or workspace should be on your priority list to help fill the area with more positivity
How to remove negative energy by salt - WittyWinks
2. Salt: Pour salt into the four corners of your rooms and let the salt sit for 48 hours. This will absorb the negative energy.
How to remove negative energy by Smudging - WittyWinks
3.Smudging: It is one of the oldest and most effective ways to remove negative energy from your home. For smudging, the most popular herb is sage as it releases large amounts of negatively-charged ions in the air, which neutralize the positive charge in the air.
How to remove negative energy by fragrance - WittyWinks
4: Fragrance: You can keep a stash of incense sticks handy. Incense has a magical quality that shifts energy immediately. It restores balances in our surroundings.
How to remove negative energy by sound - WittyWinks
5. Sound: Sound and vibrations that come from loud clapping help break up negative energy patterns and allow them to disperse. In fact, loud and clear sounds are a powerful cleansing method for the home. You can also hang wind chimes in your house.
How to remove negative energy by Sun Light - WittyWinks
6. Sunlight: it’s the simplest of all. In the early morning, open the windows and doors to allow fresh air and sunlight in and negative energy out.
How to remove negative energy by Crystals - WittyWinks
7. Crystals:  You can place small quartz crystals in the corners of a room to help collect energy as Crystals themselves can collect energy and themselves will need to be cleansed periodically.
How to remove negative energy by plants - WittyWinks
8. Plants: Many plants can actually improve the flow of positive energy. Peace lily, Jasmine, Rosemary, Lucky bamboo, Holy basil, Money plant are some of the plants that create positive energy and makes your surroundings clean and healthy.
How to remove negative energy by Himalyan Salt Lamps - WittyWinks
9. Himalayan salt lamps: If you constantly feel tired, stressed and the reason behind it is unknown to you, try keeping a Himalayan salt lamp in the room or rooms where you spend the most time. After about a week, you should notice a difference. Himalayan salt lamps will remove the negative energy around you and you’ll start feeling better.
How to remove negative energy by Conch Shell - WittyWinks
10. Conch Shell: The shankha or conch shell is described in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity, prosperity and the cleanser of sin. Its sound destroys the negative energy from the atmosphere.
Hope it will help you to get rid of negativity and make your surroundings healthy, happy and full of positivity.

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