I wish you were there

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I miss you my grandpa
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Dear Grandpa,

Though I have never seen you or heard anything about you still I miss you a lot.

There are moments when Papa scolds me without any reason and mother stays silent then my eyes look for you.

There are days when I don’t find anyone to share my feelings with then my heart yearns for your presence.

I may pretend to be bold but I’m very feeble from inside. When I feel broken I miss your hands to wipe out my tears.

I never consider myself unlucky but when I notice my niece to be loved by her grandpa I feel how lucky she’s.

I don’t think I’m always right but whenever I’m right there’s no one to stand beside me and appreciate me for being right, I miss you in those phases of my life.

I don’t have many desires but when the small ones I have are being crushed by everyone, then I miss your support.

When I hear my father teasing his grandchildren by nicknames I miss your voice then.

When I find everyone plotting against me I wish you were there to protect me from all those evil plans through your prayers.

I don’t miss you a lot but I miss you every time. 🙁

I wish you were there

I wish my heart had winds


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