Is Sisyphus the name of modern man?

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Is Sisyphus the name of modern man - WittyWinks

Sisyphus is a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain only to see it roll down again as a punishment for his trickery.The maddening nature of the punishment was reserved for King Sisyphus due to his hubristic belief that his cleverness surpassed that of Zeus himself. Zeus accordingly displayed his own cleverness by enchanting the boulder into rolling away from King Sisyphus before he reached the top, which ended up consigning Sisyphus to an eternity of useless efforts and unending frustration.
This punishment of Sisyphus shows man’sle search for meaning, unity, and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths or values.

In the myth we can see the value of labour and a lot of lessons that used to seem absurd to us. On it a famous writer Albert Camus says, “one must imagine Sisyphus happy” as “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.”

When we look at the present scenario we find that the modern man is not less Sisyphus. Like Sisyphus the modern man is happy each time he succeeds though the success is meaningless and futile.


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