Kung Fu Practice accidentally torches 40 ebikes

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Kung Fu Practice accidentally torches 40 ebikes - WittyWinks
Video Source: CGTN

Boy accidentally blast 40 ebikes while imitating kung fu moves

Practice makes a man perfect but in this case his reckless practice made a boy guilty for his foolishness and his parents have to pay a heavy compensation for this act. The compensation for damages could amount to $15,000 (Dh55,000) that the boy’s parents may have to cough up.

What was the matter?

A Chinese boy’s Kung Fu practice torched 40 electronic bikes to ashes in China’s Hanyin county, while trying out a move from the martial art as he had seen in a movie.

According to CGTN, China-based broadcasting channel, the fire broke out in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on January 10, when the boy, who is apparently obsessed with Kung Fu, left a candle lit in the basement while practicing Kung Fu.

This incident was caught on CCTV camera, which shows the boy thrusting his hand forward to imitate Kung Fu moves. He tried to recreate the things he had seen in a movie.

Later, his interest went down, and he walks out of the building, even as the candle kept burning. The bike catches fire and the flames quickly grow bigger and spread across the entire complex, reported CGTN.


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