Leverage Reading to Learn 10x Faster

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Leverage Reading to Learn 10x Faster - WittyWinks

How to Leverage Reading to Learn 10x Faster?

I get asked a lot where my best knowledge and ideas and come from.

A huge source is from my voracious reading habits. Reading is still the most important way for people to share valuable knowledge in our information society.

Therefore, being an extraordinary reader is one of the essential skills to have. Reading can upgrade your base of knowledge and expertise by a factor of 10. Here are a few easy ways I’ve used to develop this skill.

Ready to begin leveraging your reading skills to Learn 10x Faster

Books are one of the best sources of knowledge and learning, unrivaled in terms of depth and comprehensiveness. The drawback is that books are long. It takes a time investment to finish one.

How many books can you manage to read in a week?

A fast reader may finish a 300-page book in about 5 hours of dedicated reading. But we rarely have this much time in one sitting. This means it might take you days, or weeks or even a few months to finish that one book. It becomes a disjointed experience.

How much knowledge do you end up retaining?

Learn how to speed read with purpose, and you can consume the same book within 1 hour. You can read 6 times more books, and be able to extract the knowledge that you’re looking for. It’s one of the secret catalysts to boosting your growth!

First, you need to set a goal for yourself.

You’re determined to develop a new skill, and you’ve gathered 5 books that can help you learn. Progress has been slow, as you slog your way through the chapters of each book. Sound familiar?

Let’s put speed reading with purpose into an application. Stop reading linearly. First, take a step back. Using the techniques from above, create a plan for yourself, and find out what areas of knowledge you need. Map the topics these books cover with the knowledge that you need to gather.

Next, set a deadline for yourself. Aim to extract what you need from these 5 books, say, within 3 days (be aggressive!). Practice this again a few more times, and you’ll become an extraordinary reader within 1 month.

For even more support you can use tools to help you, from the convenience of your phone. Want someone to help you summarize a book into easy bite-sized information? Or a tool that can help you pace your reading and actively train you to read faster?

Here are steps to Leverage Reading to Learn 10x Faster

  1. Set a goal for yourself.
  2. Start reading with purpose
  3. Create a plan for reading
  4. Map the topics you want to start
  5. Finally, set a deadline for yourself

Are you determined now to not only breakthrough but to accelerate your goals of reading books?

I hope today’s bite-sized knowledge has helped you to make some positive changes! If you want more like this or if you’d like me to share other topics, I would love to hear your feedback.

Look for my next package soon!


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