Live your dreams now, express what you feel

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Live your dreams now, express what you feel - WittyWInks

Why we should live our dreams now?

The word “Carpe Diem”

Do you know what is the meaning of the above mentioned word in quotes?

I guess that you haven’t heard about this word.  Don’t worry, read the post below:-

The dictionary meaning of the word is “the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future”.

Why it is so important to live in present without regretting past or hovering over future?

Because one day you’ll realize that no day of your life has left to live it the way you always wanted to live.

Because one day the happy child within you would have died a silent death and a mature self would be telling you things logically.

Because one day you may have money but no desires to spend it.
Or you may have time to express your emotions but no one to understand those emotions.

So live your dreams now, express what you feel.

And start living you life at its fullest without giving a second thought.

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