Make Sleep your Secret Weapon to Restore Energy

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Make Sleep your Secret Weapon to Restore Energy - WittyWinks

Make sleep your Secret Weapon to Restore Energy

Today I’m going to share something related to restoring energy. Most people do not know how to value their sleep properly. Do you cut corners in your sleep by pushing your limits? Or do you over-indulge and sleep-in whenever you get the chance? Most people fluctuate in between these two extremes, and neither is healthy.

But sleep can be a powerful tool. Using sleep the right way can boost your energy levels immensely and help you maximize every one of your waking moments.

How to make sleep your Secret Weapon to Restore Energy?

This post is going to teach you how to do this. are you ready to start?

Recognise what you’re losing due to bad sleep.

Are you sleep deprived? Most people don’t even know it when they are. You may be so used to powering through, relying on stimulants like coffee to get through your days that you’ve forgotten what it even feels like to have the right sleep.

There are many signs of sleep deprivation, and the consequences over time are immense. Just like credit card interest, little amounts build up over time until they become an enormous debt. Paying back that sleep debt is the first step you need to take.

What is the difference between the Sleep vs. Rest?

The main point of sleeping is to help our brain and body rest and recover. To get the most out of sleep, you’ve got to understand what truly resting is. We tend to think that having our bodies in a relaxed state (eg: lying on the couch) is rest. This is far from the truth, as real rest requires both body and mind to be relaxed.

So what you think of as resting, such as mindlessly watching television, browsing the internet or reading tweets isn’t mindless at all. This type of mental engagement and stimulation can actually leave you more tired than you were initially.

Relaxing your mind doesn’t simply mean “having no thoughts”. In fact, trying to do this might be counterproductive. Learn how to rest deliberately and get yourself into patterns that let you take full advantage of your sleep.

Treat sleep as part of your daily plan.

Sleeping isn’t just the thing “you do at night”. If you want a good sleep, you have to start preparing for it from the moment you wake up! What do I mean by that? It means you probably have habits that you don’t realize are harming your daily sleep cycle. Habits such as snoozing, waking up inconsistently, having poor eating habits, or even napping at the wrong times.

Sleeping is not an independent activity – it is influenced by everything you do before you go to bed. And these activities can build up to cause poor sleep at night (and therefore poor rest). Your daily habits accumulate into harmful sleep patterns.

To get long-lasting quality sleep, you’ve got to create good habits during the day.

Leverage technology to help you build good sleep habits.

Compared to when I was growing up, we now have so many tools at our fingertips. Used correctly, they can make things that used to be hard effortless.

One Step Further to make sleep your secret weapon.

Do you want to make sleep into a real power tool? Leveraging sleep doesn’t have to be relegated to just bedtime at night. A well-timed nap can boost your productivity by up to 3 hours each day. It doesn’t mean taking a random afternoon nap but instead developing a deliberate habit that quickly reaps dividends in energy and focus.

This article teaches you how to do it.

A 20-Minute Nap at Work Makes You Awake and Productive the Whole Day.

I hope today’s bite-sized knowledge has helped you to make some positive changes! I would love to hear your feedback – if you want more like this or if you’d like me to share other topics, please send them to me.

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