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Night without sleep - strange Thoughts - WittyWinks

Strange Thoughts I Have When I Cannot Sleep at Night

Night Without Sleep – Strange Thoughts could be common scenario among all people on earth. But I am telling only my story.

After finishing my daily routine throughout the day, now it is time to go to bed. So, I have finished brushing teeth. Off-course, my teeth. Now, I am ready to slide under under my fluffy blanket. Usually, I fall asleep within in 5 minutes or 10. Night without sleep a strange thought is a story with the mixture of original and artificial facts.

This is how I plan to go to bed to take my dreams. But the reality is totally different than this. In fact, on most days, I find myself looking at the time clock even at 2 to 4 am. I don not feel comfortable, nevertheless, even you know that you won’t be able
to sleep well this night. Yes, I am such a person.

Reason responsible for a night without sleep

A strange type of thoughts start coming into my mind as soon as I try to sleep. Rather than fighting, sometimes I enjoy them all but for sometime only. Who wants such nights? But even when I know I have to wake up early, my brain keeps working overtime.

If you ask me about those dreams, I can’t tell about but I can write here. There are 3 (Three) main reasons for a night without sleep:-

  1. Strange Thoughts

  2. Old Memories

  3. Guilt of past mistakes

Here are few strange thoughts that I have:-

Night without sleep – strange Thoughts

  • Thought of peeing. I need to pee badly but due to dark or laziness or the comfort of my warm blanket, I try to ignore
  • What if it would happen to me or my family members. I won’t tolerate that. However all are perceptions of just baseless thoughts but responsible for my sleepless night.
  • My thought about my future when I was just preparing for my graduation degree. Now after several years when I have setup my own business but still that thought usually comes to my mind at night.
  • Sometime, I don’t have time to speak to my parents, wife or even to my lovely kids. What do they think that I am disappointing or disrespecting them? I hope they don’t
    think so. In this way, I am such a bad boy.

Strange Thoughts I Have When I Cannot Sleep at Night - WittyWinks

Here are few Old memories that I have:-

Reason responsible for a night without sleep - WittyWinks

Night without sleep – strange Thoughts

  • In the past of my life, I hid something from my brother and did not let him realize that actually, I am hiding that from him. However, we both were little kids but till date I could not forget that.
  • In my childhood, I broke one toy and gave that broken toy to my younger brother in exchange of his new and similar toy. That thought usually comes to my head and strikes badly.

Above thoughts or old memories ever attack me at night only when everything seems to be zero in the deadly dark atmosphere around.

Least but not the last, these are few thoughts I am sharing with you that come to my head when I don’t sleep at night. And it happens usually.

Do you also face same situation while sleeping? What are your thoughts that stop you to take a healthy sleep? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

If you have an interesting story to share, share with us through comment section just below this post or contact us and we will publish with your name.


NOTE:- This post is a combination of my real thought with addition of artificial thoughts about Night without sleep – strange Thoughts


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