No Dirty Dishes Day – May 18

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No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18

WittyWinks.Com is celebrating “No Dirty Dishes Day” today on May 18, 2018. You too could celebrate by either not washing any dirty dishes or by washing all the dishes! 😉

Like your other belonging or things, these dirty dishes are also a part of the life of everyone. Every day, almost every house spent a lot of time, money and energy to wash dirty dishes.

How to Celebrate the No Dirty Dishes Day?

1. If you want your sink and kitchen should all clean and sparkly, wash all your dirty dishes to celebrate the “No Dirty Dishes Day”.

2. You can also celebrate the “No Dirty Dishes Day” by without washing dirty dishes and let them pile up. But do not forget that you will have to clean them any other time, even if you take a break today. You can also use disposable dishes for your meal to avoid washing.

3. The celebration of the “No Dirty Dishes Day” also can be done by eating all your meals out and make dirty dishes someone else’s problem.

4. You can also celebrate the “No Dirty Dishes Day” by just cleaning the dirty dishes with paper napkin to avoid washing. But make sure use clean them properly so that all the germs get cleaned.

What are your plans to celebrate the “No Dirty Dishes Day”. Share your experience, plans and also the most important, your feedback on this post.

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