Put a ceiling on desire and travel lightly to reach quickly

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Put a ceiling on desire - how many lands do you need - WittyWinks
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How many lands do you need?

How many lands do you need is not only a title but linked to an in-depth lesson of life. There was once an Emperor who told his minister that the amount of Land he could cover while running from morning to night, would be his. The man started running early, he went on, ignoring hunger, thirst, and fatigue. By afternoon, his body ached, his feet were swollen, sweat dripped down his forehead, all the muscles in his body screamed in protest. So many times, he fell, he stumbled, but he pushed himself further, he forced himself to go on, come what may. He wanted to cover a great distance that day.
As dusk fell, he was so exhausted, that he collapsed, to the ground. At this point in time, he asked himself, “Why did I push myself so far? Why was I so greedy? Now, I am dying, I only need land enough to bury myself. All that I have labored for, is not mine to enjoy.”

How many lands do you need?

However, this is a story but each day, we push ourselves harder and harder to become richer, wealthier and more powerful. So much so, that our health, family, hobbies, love and even God take a back seat. When we are nearing our end, and we look back, we realize what an exercise in futility it was. But by then it is too late.
Put a ceiling on desire. Travel lightly, reach quickly.

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