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Review - OnePlus 5T-wittywinks
One cannot discount factors like smoothness, blazing-fast responses, the super-fluid and extremely customisable computer program of the OnePlus 5T. it's an excellent phone to shop for those that are wanting to upgrade and for first-timers too.


  •  Good OLED screen
  •  Slick software experience
  •  Still excellent value
  •  Seriously fast


  •  No water-resistance
  •  Average camera

Key Features

  • Review Price: £449
  • 6.01-inch FHD+ AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 835
  • 6/8GB RAM
  • 64/128GB storage
  • Dash Charge
  • 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel rear cameras
  • Android 7.1.1


The only few changes OnePlus has incorporated into 5T is in its style and therefore the biggest of them being the screen. OnePlus 5T sports associate degree virtually bezel-less screen with a screen ratio of 18:9. The bezel-less 6-inch screen pushes the fingerprint device to the phone’s back panel. Considering that a lot of smartphones still have fingerprint sensors on the rear, the amendment in the position should not provide issues. With rounded-off edges and a swish incurvate style, the phone feels snug within the hand.


OnePlus 5T comes in 2 configurations – 6GB RAM/64GB internal memory and 8GB RAM/128GB internal memory. Moneycontrol reviewed the 8GB RAM/128 GB unit. With flower 835 at its heart, the phone is associate degree absolute workhorse at multi-tasking. The phone will handle even the graphic-intensive games like Asphalt eight and crack shot 3D with ease. In fact, the device did not freeze or show any audio-video lag whereas taking part in a 50GB 4K flick.


OnePlus options associate degree Optic AMOLED vi in. show that is as bright and clear as most premium phones within the market. The show may turn out wonderful colors and observation HD, 4K, and even a regular definition flick was sheer joy on this phone.

The phone performs best once brightness is ready to automatic, which suggests the phone would confirm the proper quantity of brightness the screen should turn out relying upon close light-weight. this could be modified to your preference likewise.

The screen is incredibly bright and clear even once control against direct daylight.

OnePlus 5T OS Customisations

Oxygen OS permits the high level of customisation and most of them are very helpful and creates usage of the phone very economical and productive. as an example, one will wake the screen from sleep by merely double sound on the screen and place the screen back to sleep by double sound once more. This tweak is that the simplest one, nonetheless one amongst the foremost helpful as in concert will scan notifications while not unlocking the phone.

Tweaks are gap music management, open camera, switch on/off the electric lamp, flipping the phone to mute associate degree incoming decision, capturing a screenshot by swiping 3 fingers across the screen. All you have got {to do|to try to |to try associate degreed do} is visit the Gesture tab in Settings and assign an alphabet to activate a tweak.

For example, we tend to had set alphabet O as my crosscut to open camera once the phone is latched. To open the camera all we tend to do was draw associate degree O on the screen, while not waking the screen.

OnePlus 5T safety features

One of the latest options in OnePlus 5T is that the Face Recognition system and man, we tend to ar mighty affected with the feature. OnePlus 5T’s face recognition feature is thus quick that now and then you’d feel was the phone even latched. All you have got to try and do is hold the phone against your face and voila, the phone is unsecured. The feature is thus economical that PIN or fingerprint lockup is rendered redundant.

However, one has to take a note that 5T uses the front camera to unlock the phone, in contrast to Apple’s iPhone X that uses different advanced options to analyze a user’s face before unlocking the phone.

The phone additionally has all the opposite customary security checks like the pattern lock, PIN and therefore the fingerprint device.

OnePlus 5T Camera

OnePlus 5T options a dual-rear camera setup with a sixteen megapixel + twenty-megapixel camera setup with aperture rate of f/1.7. However, the large distinction from OnePlus five is that the phone has a low-light camera that has replaced the photo camera.

In our reviews, the phone captured superb footage each in well-lit conditions and in low-light areas. Photos from the dual-camera setup ar careful and a color replica are natural. Even macro-shots ar highly-detailed, and now and then bring out some ingredients which can haven’t been noticed. The front camera, or the selfie camera, will the task evidently. No hiccups in quality, video or otherwise, whereas creating video calls or shooting videos.

Overall, the camera adds to OnePlus 5T’s character and will what maybe the corporate wished the upgraded phone to try and do.

OnePlus 5T Battery life

One of the United States Postal Service of OnePlus 5T is sweet battery life. Even with a three,300 mAh battery, the phone will outlive many phones that have higher capacity batteries.

The phone options the superfast Dash Charging that permits the battery to be charged from zero p.c to quite eighty p.c in but 0.5 associate degree hour. Given its long battery life, eighty p.c charge is enough for the phone to last a whole day even when moderate to high level of usage like few hours of observation movies, moderate browsing on WiFi likewise as the phone network, occasional recreation etc.

It should be noted that associate degree energy-efficient processor and battery tweaks on OS front facilitate get a long battery life. Ideally, the phone will last a day-and-half on moderate usage.

In our take, a look at the phone was left idle for quite every day and still, the charge refused to drop below eighty-seven p.c that is very economical given the phone was still connected to the net that left all the background activities running.


Overall, the OnePlus 5T could be a minor upgrade from its forerunner in terms of key hardware. Having aforesaid that, one cannot discount factors like smoothness, blazing-fast responses, the super-fluid and extremely customisable computer program of the OnePlus 5T. It’s an excellent phone to shop for those that are wanting to upgrade and for first-timers too.

Starting at Rs 32,999, the OnePlus 5T is bang for the buck.


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