Sai Baba a Saint, Fakir or a Satguru

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Sai Baba a Saint, Fakir or a Satguru by WittyWinks

Sai Baba, a saint, a fakir or a satguru, is an Indian spiritual master. He is revered by both Hindu and Muslim devotees during as well as after his lifetime.

Sai Baba is called an incarnation of Lord Shiva and Sri Dattatreya.
Sai Baba advised his devotees to practice Sharadha (devotion to the Guru) and Saburi (doing your karma and waiting for the fruit with patience and love)

Sai criticized love towards perishable things :There was a rich gentleman who was very prosperous in his life. He had amassed a large quantity of wealth, houses and lands and had many servants and dependents. Baba’s fame reached his ears and he decided to go to Shirdi and ask Baba to give him Brahma Gyan, which if he got, would certainly make him more happy. The fellow came to Shirdi and on seeing Sai Baba he fell at His lotus feet and said, “Baba , hearing that , You show the Brahma to all who come to you, I too have come all the way from a distant place. I am much fatigued by the journey and if I get the Brahma – Gyan from you, my troubles will be paid and rewarded.

Baba then replied,’’ Oh my dear friend do not be anxious, I shall show you the Brahma. Many people come to Me and ask for wealth, health, power, honor, position, cure of diseases and other temporal matters. Rare is the person who comes to me and asks for the Brahma Gyan. There is no dearth of persons asking for worldly things but persons interested in spiritual matters are very rare.I think it is a fortunate and an auspicious moment when persons like you come and ask me for Brahma Gyan. So forthwith I show to you the Brahma with all its accompaniments and complexities.” Then Baba called a boy and told him to go to a man named Nandu Marawadi to get from him a loan of Rs.5. The boy left and returned immediately saying that Nandu was absent and his house was locked. Baba asked him to go to another man named Bala grocer and get from him the said loan. This time also the boy was unsuccessful. This experiment was repeated again and again with the same result. Sai Baba adopted this procedure as a test for the seeker of Brahma Gyan. The gentleman had a bundle of notes in his pocket and if he was really earnest he would not have sat quiet and be an onlooker when Baba was frantically trying to get a paltry sum of Rs. five. But would have given it to Baba. Soon the gentleman got impatient and asked Baba to show Brahma Gyan soon. Baba replied,” Oh my dear friend did you not understand all the procedures that I went through, sitting in this place to enable you to see Brahma..” Baba told him that the first important thing to do to know the Brahma Gyan is to have the quality of Surrender. Unless one gets detached to his mortal possessions and thoroughly surrenders, one is not qualified to receive Brahma Gyan, The Knowledge of the Supreme. One should understand the importance of sacrifice and detachment from perishable things.

Sai teaches us the lesson of forgiveness: Sai was not liked by the powerful people of Shirdi. They never missed a chance to humiliate him. But Sai calmly forgave all their faults.

Surrender to the Lord: He stressed the importance of surrender to the true Satguru, who, having trod the path to divine consciousness, will lead the disciple through the jungle of spiritual training.

Importance of Belief : It’s the power of belief that make the earthen lamps lighten without oil. Once a grocer refused to sell oil to a disciple of Sai. Sai helped him to light the earthen lamps with water only.

Sai Baba condemned distinction based on religion or caste: To spread the message of equality Sai used to spend time with people of lower strata. He used to dress up like Muslim and utter “Allah Malik” but the place where he lived was called Dwarka Maayi (Dwarka is one of the four sacred Hindu pilgrimage).

Thus Sai has always enlightened the life of his devotees. He also gave Darshan (vision) to people in the form of Sri Rama, Krishna, Shiva and many other gods depending on the faith of devotees.


Sai Baba a Saint a Fakir or a Satguru by WittyWinks


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