September 7: On This Day in History – Who was Elizabeth I?

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Who was Elizabeth I and historical events of her life
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Who was Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth I was Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death on 24 March 1603. Sometimes called The Virgin Queen, Gloriana or Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth was the last monarch of the House of Tudor. -Wikipedia

Full Name: Elizabeth I
Nationality: English

Profession: Queen of England and Ireland

Born: September 7, 1533

Star Sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Greenwich, London, England

Died: March 24, 1603 (aged 69)

Historical Events in the Life of Elizabeth I

  • 1558-11-17 Elizabeth I aged 25 ascends English throne upon the death of her half-sister Queen “Bloody” Mary
  • 1559-01-15 Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey
  • 1568-05-19 English Queen Elizabeth I arrests Mary, Queen of Scots
  • 1569-10-01 Duke of Norfolk arrested by Queen Elizabeth I for conspiring to marry Mary Queen of Scots
  • 1570-02-25 Pius V excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England and absolves her subjects from allegiance to the crown
  • 1571-01-23 Queen Elizabeth I of England opens Royal Exchange in London
  • 1575-01-22 English Queen Elizabeth I grants Thomas Tallis & William Byrd music press monopoly
  • 1578-03-10 Queen Elizabeth I of England gives Johan Casimir £20,000 to aid Dutch rebellion
  • 1579-08-17 Francois of Anjou visits English Queen Elizabeth I
  • 1581-04-04 Francis Drake knighted by Queen Elizabeth I aboard Golden Hind at Deptford
  • 1585-07-17 English secret service discovers Anthony Babington’s murder plot against Queen Elizabeth I
  • 1585-08-10 English Queen Elizabeth I signs Treaty of Nonsuch: Aid for Netherlands
  • 1585-08-14 Queen Elizabeth I of England refuses sovereignty of Netherlands
  • 1597-04-23 William Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor” is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance

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