How to setup your Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity

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How to setup your Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity
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So these past few days we’ve been discussing motivation, habits, and knowing your direction. Let’s try to put this into action! Are you ready to try taking on a nEew, healthy habit?

In a previous article I’ve talked about the fastest way to build and sustain your energy level every day, and today I’m going to share my daily routine for maximizing productivity.

I’m going to show you the sets of actions I take each day that has helped me be at my best day in and day out.

Are you ready? Here we go!

How to setup your Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity

The step-by-step guide to setup daily routine for maximum productivity

Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity – Before Work


1. Plan for the upcoming work the night before

This is the planning stage and at the moment you might find it useful to schedule your day in blocks of time, with the particular activity planned for each. This is commonly known as the time blocking method. Using this method ensures that you don’t end up multitasking which can have a negative impact on your productivity and this is the main reason for procrastination. I have already written a step by step guide to stop procrastination.

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2. Wake up at a time that works for you (and stick to it every day)

It’s often imagined that the most productive people are those that can wake up at dawn, and continue into the evening. The 9-5 job schedule might not necessarily suits everyone.

I’m not suggesting that people work less, but someone who works from 10-6 works for just as long as someone who works 9-5, and that extra hour in bed may mean that they’re fresher and ready to work.

Often you might not have a choice in what time you get up, after all, if you are expected at work at 09:00, you can’t be in bed at that time, but if you have any flexibility at all, consider what works best for you.

3. Eat a good breakfast

Once you have woken up, it is very important to eat well. You need something that will give you a good boost of energy, all the while keeping you full. A good idea is an oatmeal with a smoothie or a healthy fruit juice.

Check out The Highly Successful People – Habits and Daily Routine for more clarity on a daily routine that is easy-to-adapt and will keep you energetic.

Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity – At Work

1. Ensure a clean workspace which is distraction free

A few years ago a study at Princeton University concluded that if in your field of vision, there are many forms of visual stimuli, your brain will spread its focus and attention to each piece. In other words, if your desk is not properly managed or clean, it is possible that you can lose your ability to focus on the task you are doing.

Simply clearing your desk of distractions, therefore, can have a great impact on your focus, and with it, your productivity.

2. Don’t check emails first

Mornings are a great time to do productive work that requires focus, creativity, and strategy. Clearing out the inbox gives you a false sense of achievement, and wastes the opportunity to engage your brain in more proactive tasks. Though you may have read a lot of emails, you have nothing important done.

Unless your job revolves around emails checking and replying only, never make checking emails your first thing to do when you’re back to work. Instead, focus on your goals and do what really matters.

3. Tackle the worst thing first

Start your working day by tackling the most difficult or most pressing task first, the task that will most likely encourage you to procrastinate.

The benefit of this is simple to accomplish little else that day, you can feel happy with the knowledge of knowing that you did something important. Also, by doing the most difficult thing first, everything else will be easier.

4. Take a quick nap or meditate

When setting up a routine, it can be easy to forget the most important activity – resting. Do you know that humans are not built to work all the time throughout the day, every day without a break because they are not robots or machines? If you don’t consider this in your routine, there is a danger that you will lose energy and enthusiasm all together and burn out, thereby killing your productivity altogether. This can be mitigated by making sure to you get some rest.

One way to do this is by picking a reasonable time to stop working, another is to take a quick nap, others recommend meditation. It all depends on your preference.

5. Say no to unreasonable requests

This can be the hardest things on this list, but it can be one of the most effective. Adding extra tasks and jobs to your day can immediately throw your routine off balance, and it will negatively impact your day’s productivity.

6. Finish up and off on time

If you remain focused on any specific tasks, you will not feel overburdened and overworked because you’re totally in self-control. If you have things all planned out, and you saved tons of your energy from making useless or repeated decisions.

A daily routine doesn’t need to be a complicated, clockwork plan. Far more important is sticking to it and being consistent while being flexible enough to adjust when unexpected things come up.

Besides this routine, I’ve also got a daily routine for staying organized, a daily routine for health and energy, and more! Combined together, these form the framework around my life that help me to make sure that the most important things in my life are being done each day, every day.

If you’re interested in learning my other routines, here’s the article:

Powerful Daily Routines to Upgrade Your Life

If this routine inspires you, I would love to hear your feedback. Any suggestions, comments, requests, or even sharing how these effects your everyday experiences are most welcome.

Good luck!


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