Swear in French…. Yay or Nay

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Swear in French…. Yay or Nay

Swearing is not good but it’s definitely an everyday occurrence. French is one of the polite languages of the world and swearing in French may sound elegant but it’s actually really vulgar words being used. When I was learning French my teacher didn’t taught me any abusive word. But mostly people want to learn such words to let out their anger. So I’m sharing few swearing words with meaning here though they aren’t extremely abusive but would give a vent to your angry mood.

  • Merde
  • Putain
  • Va te faire foutre
    Go and Fuck yourself
  • Brûle en l’enfer
    Burn in Hell.
  • Je m’en fiche
    I don’t care
  • Je m’en fouI
    Don’t give a shit
  • J’en ai rien à cirer
    I couldn’t give a fuck
  • J’en ai marre
    I’m fed up
  • J’en ai ral le bol
    I’m really fed up
  • Tais-toi
    Be quiet
  • Ta gueule
    Shut up
  • La vache
    oh crap !
  • Casse-toi !
    Bugger off
  • C’est des conneries.
    That’s bullshit
  • C’est naze
    It sucks

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