Think smart before you burn out

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Think smart before you burn out

Think smart before you burn out is a way to maximize your productivity without fail. Today I’m going to introduce another tool in your arsenal to help you generate breakthroughs. It’s a fact of life that the hardest things to achieve are usually the ones that are the most valuable.

When trying to achieve something that’s hard, like breaking an entrenched old habit, it’s common to rely on pure willpower to drive forward. Just tough it out and persevere right?

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Think smart before you burn out

This post will show you how to think smart before your burn out. These qualities are all good to have, but sometimes it’s not enough. Willpower by itself is a limited resource. Like a muscle, it gets tired and needs to be refreshed.

Instead, a shift in your mindset can make these tough cookies much easier to crack.

Imagine you want to dig a tunnel, but all you have are your hands. With pure willpower, you might probably get by… though likely a slow and painful process.

What if the tunnel is made of rocks then? Sometimes life sends challenges your way that seems almost insurmountable.

Instead of starting to dig, what you should do is to create a system to support your endeavor first. With a system in place, then you can utilize your willpower to push it forward.

A system can be simple. What if you had a shovel or a pickaxe? Much better than relying on your hands. You can expend the same amount of willpower, but greatly shorten the time to achieve your goal. What if you had a drilling machine? You could dig 10 tunnels within the same timeframe and expenditure.

This is the power of a system – it magnifies your effort. It makes your one unit of willpower worth 10 units of benefits.

What is a good system? It can be many things.

  • A good environment – for example, replacing your entire pantry with healthy snacks before starting out on a diet.
  • Setting achievable milestones and actions
  • A structured daily or weekly regimen
  • Supporting tools to help you reduce energy expenditure, such as tracking apps
  • It could even be a buddy/partner to support and share the load

So the next time you start out with a new goal…

Before you dive into it head first, take a step back and set up your base. Set up a system. Even a simple system is better than none, just like a shovel is better than your hands.

Remember to continuously find ways to upgrade your system to make it better.

Don’t be satisfied with just a pickaxe. And don’t waste all of your willpower focused on tunnel vision actions. Step away from time to time to look at the big picture, and it will make accomplishing things that much easier. This is the power of thinking in terms of systems – it can create massive leverage. What seemed impossible before might eventually become simple and easy.

I hope this little bit of knowledge can help you make some instant improvements to your daily life. I would really love to hear your feedback – and suggestions, comments, requests, or even sharing how these effects your everyday experiences are most welcome.

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