Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes in The World

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Guys are crazy for motorcycles and heavy bikes. Well, keeping this in mind a number of the most luxurious firms in the world have manufactured bikes, whose looks are enough to make folks continuously surprise however they were created. These wheels are guaranteed to be a symbol of your personality and a district of your identity.

These bikes are overpriced because of their structure, design, speed, and outlook. they have been designed by keeping in sight the luxurious and a thrill that a driver has in his mind. Obviously, these bikes aren’t for the commoners. they’re just for millionaires and billionaires. Here we present you the Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes in The World.

10. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter
Cost: $ 110,000

9. Coventry Eagle
Cost: $ 120,000

8. Harley Davidson Rocker
Cost: $ 130,000

7. Hildebrand Wolfmüller
Cost: $ 150,000

6. Hub less Harley Davidson
Cost: $ 155,000

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX
Cost: $ 300,000

4. The legendary British classic black
Cost: $ 400,000

3. Gold Plated Custom Chopper
Cost: $ 500,000

2. Ultra Rare Porcupine
Cost: $ 750,000

1. $1 million Harley-Davidson
Cost: $ 1 million

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