Who discovered Water on the moon

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Water on the moon was discovered by India

First of all, it’s unfair to single out one country that can be credited with the discovery of water on the moon since various missions have incrementally improved our understanding of the moon. However, if I actually have to select one biggest contributor for the discovery of water on the moon, I might opt for Chandrayaan-1, India’s initial moon mission. Even if it was an Indian mission it conjointly took payloads (instruments) from different countries also, a number of that vitally contributed to the discovery of water on the moon.

First, its higher to separate the question into 2 components to answer it more accurately – Water in moon atmosphere? and water on moon surface?

1. Water in moon atmosphere

Water in moon atmosphere: the primary proof of water in moon atmosphere came by an Indian device Chandra’s altitudinal Composition (CHACE) that was mounted on Moon Impact probe released from Chandrayaan -1. The probe was released on Eighteen November 2008.

Water on the moon was discovered by India

2. Water on moon surface?

Water on moon surface: although various inconclusive proof of free water ice at the lunar poles was accumulated from a spread of observations just like the one from Clementine mission and lunar prospector, the primary conclusive proof came from NASA instrument M3 on Indian satellite Chandrayaan-1. NASA published the result on Sept twenty-five, 2009.

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