How to be wise beyond your Age?

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How to be wise beyond your Age - What makes you more wiser than others - WittyWinks

How to be wise beyond your age?

Yes, your age doesn’t make you wise but your experience does.

Your wisdom has nothing to do with how much time you have spent in learning until you do not apply your learning to take experience.

In other words, gain experience, not only from reading books, attending seminars and listening to some lectures.

First thing is, you have to leave your comfort zone for experiencing the mistake and its consequences.

Secondly, never afraid of doing mistakes because your mistakes will teach you two lessons of life.

  1. You will never repeat your mistake
  2. You will learn how to tackle that type of mistake

What makes you more wiser than others?

There are several factors that can help you to be more wise than others. Below are few most effective factors to help:-

  1. Your Comfort zone
  2. Your Project Planning
  3. Your Time Management
  4. Your Analysis about the Situation
  5. Result oriented decision

First first thing is to leave your comfort zone if you really want to achieve something and comfort zone is the biggest obstacle in  your wisdom.

If you have proper project planning for your project to be initiated then you are towards your first milestone.

Your time management will be followed by your planning to put step towards your destination.

if you face any odd situation, your analysis about the situation will improve your journey of the project.

And finally when you take result oriented decision, you become more wiser that others.



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