What To Do when you don’t know What To Do?

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We all have been in situations ( not only difficult ones) where we had felt completely clueless about what to do next. It’s not as complicated as it seems to be. But when our mind goes blank or bursts with ideas, it becomes difficult to choose our actions.Here are some suggestions about what one can do in such situations. These are not scientifically proven but are practically tested by me.

What To Do when you don’t know What To Do?

  1. Divert your Mind: The very first step is to divert your mind from the situation just to stop the continuous vicious thoughts that drain your energy and it will destress your mind, which in turn will help you analyze the actual situation better. Try some diversions like watching TV or listening to music or indulging in art etc. Practice the one which works for you ( listening to music and playing with colors work for me).
  2. Talk to your family and close friends: Everyone needs an emotional support even the strongest willed persons. Your family and a close friend will provide you that emotional support and you must hat stress out.But don’t talk about problems with every other person as they will start judging you or start advising you and that will end you up in a more confusing state than before (like me).
  3. Seek the help of a professional: Try seeking the help of a professional, like in a difficult situation a psychologist or a counselor can guide you better than your loved ones as the psychologist will analyze the situation without being biased.
  4. Focus on your physical health too: Focus on your physical health too, as an emotional stress can wreck havoc on your physical health and vice versa. Indulging in OUTDOOR SPORTSwill be good for your mind and body.
  5. Love yourself first: Do things what you love to do. Focus on yourself. This will ease the stress and you’ll be able to find solutions to your problems.

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