Chasing Happiness Won’t Make You Happy

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Chasing Happiness Won’t Make You Happy , Happiness is another form of success, Success comes with happiness

Happiness is an internal feeling that comes when you do a selfless task. In other words, when some people talk about happiness, they think about staying happy all the time by receiving whatever they want. Sometimes, they try to pursue this constant state of “happiness” as a goal and try to avoid anything that may take happiness away from them.

What is the meaning of this type of happiness?

Is it like your favorite thing you love most and always want to keep with you. For example, your favorite fruit, your favorite bike/car etc.  The more you have of it doesn’t always mean the better.  So is it that fruit itself that makes you happy, or is it how valuable to you when you are eating it?

We can not understand the value of happiness until we do not experience sadness. Assuming others are always happy is the biggest misunderstanding of happiness and the reason for your sadness. I have already written on What is happiness and how to feel it?

Chasing Happiness Won’t Make You Happy , Happiness is another form of success, Success comes with happiness

How can we find Happiness?

The Key to Finding Happiness is Stop Trying to Be Happy. If you have to be over smart, you will never be over smart. It needs perfection, time management, and self-confidence to be over smart. If you have to just try to be happy, then you will never be happy. Maybe the problem these days is people are just trying too hard. Stop Trying To Be Happy if you really want to feel internal happiness.

Happiness Is The Process Of Becoming Your Ideal Self – Stop living others life if you want to find happiness inside.

Happiness Is Not The Same As Positivity – Do you know those negative emotions are required to stay positive and healthy? And also a reason for your happiness. If you feel positive about something, you will feel happiness internally. But Happiness is not the same as positivity.

Happiness Is Not The Same As Pleasure – Sometimes, pleasure is correlated with happiness but does not cause happiness. Because Happiness is an internal bliss and stays for a long time but pleasure is not a bliss and stays only for few moments.

Happiness and sadness are two sides of a coin and exist together – Every coin has two sides. It will look different depending on which side is facing up. One side can be happiness, joy, pleasure and another side can be sadness, pain, and suffering. The crazy part is, that both sides are the same coin.; but both sides are not equal the same amount.

10 Simple ways to find Happiness

In other words, your life will be filled with beautiful moments, happy moments and incredible moments, tears or happiness and shouts or joyous etc. But at the same time, your life can also be filled with stormy and unstoppable rain. These all part of the flow of life. So go with the flow ever. Don’t complain.

  1. Think positive in every situation
  2. Try to imagine the best is coming to you
  3. Accept what is coming and don’t complain about
  4. Find the purpose of your life and
  5. Do things to make that happen for you
  6. Do whatever you love or like to do
  7. Always listen to your heart, not brain
  8. Embrace the change without any regret
  9. Leave your comfort zone if you think you are stuck
  10. Always be with others who make you happy selflessly

Always try to find the happy moments and power through the sadness. Never try to avoid sadness or negative moments because they also teach you an important lesson of life. In the end, you will achieve a true level of contentment in your life, based on meaningful experiences and achievements.

I hope this small bite-sized information about happiness would help you in finding the real happiness in and around you. If you find happiness, do let me know what do you think. I am waiting for your interesting feedback about finding happiness.


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