Worshipping Hanuman is the only solution to all problems

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Who is Hanuman?

Hanuman, The real Superman, is an incarnation of lord Shiva and the son of Anjana and Jesse. He is also son of Vayu, the wind god, who according to several stories, played a role in his birth. We all know that Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and one of the central characters in the various versions of the epic Ramayana. He is also one of the seven living beings who are to remain on earth till the end of Kali Yuga. And he’s the only God who can protect his devotees from all the bad planets.

How Hanuman received his name?

Hanuman received his name from the Sanskrit words Hanu (“jaw”) and -man (or -mant, “prominent” or “disfigured”). The name thus means “one with prominent or disfigured jaw”. Hanuman got this name when as a child, believing the sun to be a ripe mango, Hanuman pursued it in order to eat it. Rahu, a Vedic planet corresponding to an eclipse, was at that time seeking out the sun as well, and he clashed with Hanuman. Hanuman thrashed Rahu and went to take sun in his mouth. Rahu approached Indra, king of devas, and complained that a monkey child stopped him from taking on Sun, preventing the scheduled eclipse. This enraged Indra, who responded by throwing the Vajra (thunderbolt) at Hanuman, which struck his jaw. He fell back down to the earth and became unconscious. Due to the impact of Vajra a permanent mark was left on his chin (hanuḥ “jaw” in Sanskrit).

Not only Rahu but Hanuman has also defeated Shani Dev. Once Raavana imprisoned Shani in a pit to protect Meghnath from its bad effects. When Hanuman came to Lanka in search of Sita, he heard the cries of Shani and set him free. Hanuman asked Shani that what suffering one has to face when Shani sits on someone’s head, Shani replied that once he comes upon someone’s head he leaves his family and starts suffering. Hanuman decided to let Shani sit on his head as he has no family he will not suffer much with regard to his family and he would be able to stay connected to the feet of Lord Ram.
But in Lanka while defeating the demons Hanuman had to break things with his head, this caused Shani much pain. Finally, Shani got away from Hanuman’s head and promised that he would not trouble or cause hardships to Hanuman devotees. When Shani Dev became free, he asked Hanuman for some oil to relieve his wretched pain. Then Hanuman gave him some mustard oil , after the massage of that oil on his body, his pain was relieved immediately. Since then it has been customary to offer some mustard oil in the name of Shani Dev. It is symbolic to sooth his pain.

It is also said that all the planets are under the control of Hanuman’s tail. Whoever worships Hanuman is granted fortitude and strength and is also protected from the malefic effects of these planets.

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