Your comfort zone is the cage you live in

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Why Living Life Cooped Up In Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You

Do you know you live in a cage?

Yesterday I talked about Fear, and how you can harness this powerful emotion to help you push forward. We all live in self-made cages, and Fear is one of them. Do you know you live in a cage? It is called your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the cage you live in. The other cage we live in is our Comfort Zone which I’m going to talk about today.

You live in a cage and it’s called your comfort zone.

Yes, it is true that you live in a cage and it is called your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your enemy and it is stopping you to succeed even you are doing tremendous efforts to be a successful person.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Your Comfort Zone is Your Cage

What is the difference between Potential vs. Actual?

The difference between Potential vs. Actual is minor. It’s very normal to describe how a person has lots of potential, and we generally use it as a positive compliment. I see it from a slightly different perspective.

Potential ability is only useful if it becomes Actual ability. Actual ability is what makes things happen.

So if a person goes through their whole life happily maintaining lots of potentials – that’s a huge untapped waste!

Your Potential only becomes Actual when you start taking actions.

And coming back to self-made cages, your comfort zone stops you from taking action. In your comfort zone, your Actual ability never gets realized.

What is the reason to stay in comfort zone?

The reason to stay in comfort zone is Safety. It’s the reason most of the unsuccessful stay in their comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with safety, in fact, it’s a necessity for a stable living foundation. However, your perception of safety usually goes far beyond what you really need to be truly safe. It’s a false sense of safety.

Lets get out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed.

Lets get out of your comfort zone - WittyWinks

Do you want to break free of this cage called comfort zone?

Do you want to break free of this cage called comfort zone? Ask this question and put some appropriate steps to achieve this goal. It’s not nearly as hard as you think. You don’t have to suddenly become a huge risk taker. All it takes is a shift in your mindset, and a willingness to open yourself up to new things.

The science behind relentless breakthroughs is your comfort zone free living. You should try continuously to learn how to leverage the unfamiliar to systematically break out of your safety shells.

Your comfort zone isn’t a safety net – it’s a cage. Don’t let it trick you into being eternally satisfied with Potential things, giving up your Actual abilities, dreams and goals!

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